With Its History Of Swapping Between French And German Control Throughout The Years The Alsace Region Is An Intriguing Mix Of The Two Countries Cultures As Well As Its Former Roman Occupiers

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With its history of swapping between French and German control throughout the years, the Alsace region is an intriguing mix of the two countries' cultures as well as its former Roman occupiers.
The attraction for the Romans was the fertile soil and its potential for tour du lịch sapa viticulture so you'll get to taste plenty of wine - and beer - during your four-day river cruise.
The cuisine, tour sapa meanwhile, comes in generous portions and is enjoyed with family and friends in a lively way.
Vintage crop: You'll get to taste plenty of wine during your four-day river cruise.

Pictured is a typical Alsace vineyard
And who better to enjoy this fabulous foodie trip with than popular Saturday Kitchen host Matt Tebbutt.
Matt credits his family holidays to France and Italy as a young man as the inspiration for his passion for food.
The TV chef spent his early career working at the Michelin-starred restaurant Chez Bruce, which was opened by Bruce Poole in 1995. You'll get to see Matt in action during an exclusive cookery demonstration, as well as hearing him give a talk. He'll also take part in a Q&A session.
Matt won't be the only culinary star guest on board.

Making your river cruise even more spectacular, Matt will introduce Marc Haeberlin, a two-Michelin-star chef, and Alsace's finest sommelier, Serge Dubs.
You will stop at Rhinau, a small town located on the Rhine about 20 miles from Strasbourg
Marc, head chef at Auberge de l'Ill in Illhaeusern, will prepare a dinner for you on board while Serge will give you hints and tips during a private wine-tasting.
‘I'm part of the fourth generation of chefs,' says Marc.

‘This passion comes from my father. Now I like to redevelop dishes that he has created and find the balance between tradition and modernity.'
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