Tube China - 9th International Tube 38; Pipe Industry Trade Fair Starts To Recruit

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Vehicle China has become the world's largest automotive market. It is estimated that by 2025, the annual production scale of automobiles in China will reach 35 million and the weight of the entire vehicle will be 20% lighter than that in 2015. The weight reduction of automobiles has imposed new requirements on material suppliers. The demand for automotive tubes has also increased accordingly.

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Chemical Industry According to BASF's assessment and forecast of the global chemical market, the total production of China's chemical industry currently accounts for 40% of the global total and will reach 49% by 2030. The investment share of general chemical steel pipes accounts for 7% of the total infrastructure investment, which shows that the industry needs huge demand for steel pipes in the next decade.

Construction Engineering The development of prefabricated building and steel structure industry is unstoppable. In 2025, the proportion of prefabricated buildings nationwide will account for more than 30% of newly built buildings, and the market size will reach 1.4389 billion yuan. Among them, the proportion of prefabricated steel structure residential buildings will increase to 10%, and it can be seen that the consumption of steel pipes will also rise accordingly.

Oil and tour shangrila gas In the next ten years, China's oil and gas pipelines will usher in a new peak of construction. It is estimated that the total investment in the main pipelines of oil and gas pipeline networks will reach 1.6 trillion yuan. By 2025, the scale of the national oil and gas pipeline network will reach 240,000 kilometers, of which the mileage of crude oil pipelines, refined oil pipelines, tour shangrila and natural gas pipelines will reach 37,000 kilometers, 40,000 kilometers, and 163,000 kilometers, respectively.

Energy Network The overall structure of China's electric power is in a "leadership of scenery and multi-source coordination" situation. Coal power has gradually transformed from a mains of power supply to a mains of power supply. The installed capacity of coal power in 2035 is expected to be 1.02 billion kilowatt hours. On the other hand, nuclear power capacity will grow steadily, and it is estimated that the installed capacity in 2035 will reach about 180 million kilowatt hours.

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KAYSUNS is planning to take [ stainless steel pipe] and [ duplex fittings] to attend this event. Stainless steel pipes and tubes are our competitive products. We provides seamless stainless steel pipes and with complete scope and multi-grades.

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Exhibition Scopes Raw Materials / Tubes / Accessories Tube Manufacturing Machinery Heat Treatment Processing and Machinery Rebuilt / Reconditioned Machinery Process Technology Tools / Auxiliaries Measuring / Control Technology Testing Engineering Specialist Areas Trading / Stockists of Tubes Pipeline / OCTG Technology Profiles / Machinery Plastic Tube and Compound Pipe Others Exhibition Schedules Deadline for booth registration: 2020.5.31 Booth setup time: afternoon of 2020.9.20 ~ 2020.9.22 Exhibition time: 2020.9.23 ~ 2020.9.26 Removal time: 2020.9.26
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