Thousands Of People Listen To A Rabbit apos;s apos;soothing apos; Chewing Sound

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A pet rabbit in [/news/china/index.html China] has become an internet sensation after hundreds of thousands of web users tuned in to listen to the animal's 'soothing' munching sound.

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The Chinese rabbit owner, who lives in China's north-eastern Heilongjiang province, said that she started posting videos in 2016 to document her female angora rabbit's daily life
This type of content is also known as ASMR, a huge online phenomenon that is said to help calm people and even beat anxiety or insomnia. 
ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is the feeling of a tingle-like sensation in the head, neck, spine and even legs that make people feel sleepy and relaxed, and can be triggered by certain noises and visuals, including whispering and stroking.
The triggers are bizarrely mundane, a fact that is borne out across the nearly 80 million videos dedicated to ASMR which are available on YouTube.
Most of them involve people scrunching plastic, tapping surfaces, tour du lịch quế lâm popping bubble wrap, folding laundry, whispering in different accents and even recording sounds of biting and chewing food.
Others have produced the 'soothing' sounds by feeding their pets different kinds of snack, such as fruit, vegetables or raw meat.