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I am a old Peking man and a in Beijing is engaged in more than forty years old on a cook, do a lifetime epicurean delicacies, you want to ask me the love eat what, I'll tell you, I sincerely love to eat old Beijing noodles.Noodles are not only my delicious, I also like to cook the impulsion, is my career in many occasions call choi good things appearances.

The 1950s, I was reading in elementary school and middle school, home near a clump from dongzhimen.Around two court, homes, do WuHangBaZuo households, and seventeen.Catch SuiFenZi, weddings and funerals, neighbourhood, very lively, called help spread eat mat, natural is put things to children, is the most important thing.And this among them, for me the deepest impression is live in the backyard JinDaBo that Westinghouse merchant craft.
The past Beijing general family do place area, eat noodles is always following talks halogen halogen, grain, GongBaiShi and decide, and see XiSang also, of course, old no limitation for the.JinDaBo before liberation in dongzhimen street a "two ShuaShouYi talks shop" restaurant, to build an old-style, house NaShouXi trellis is his.In addition to the six disc eight bowls of cold dish, dozen halogen folly merchant that more strength.Hit me, we remember this clump whose handle affairs, no matter the JinDaBo short fat body is always a "trellis star".
Look at him, as if watching acrobat merchant - a mass of the magician performance and good surface, was on the panel JinDaBo knead growth bar and then use hand carry up, twist to turn DiLiuLiu shape, the manual twist, see JinDaBo hold its terminals, two arms persuasion, up and down the stretch, the longer the shake, shake, and then the long noodles folded into pairs of strands, double strands, pulling into four strands released again, four strands of change, has pulled into the long-existing stereotyped as big girl braids granules.Note that in the process of JinDaBo prevented, are often do in and flour tto fell, roll GanMian, again take prevented touch buckle, pull, etc, set of dazzling technique, a WanShi silver satin wondrously dragon beard noodles. ReleasedRolling into the boiling pot, a surface for ten bowl, eight bowls, the noodles JinDao, YunLiu son, long face continuously, the more you have, the more fragrant, who all kua JinDaBo 54%personnel JinDaBo crafts, also became my childhood "upon shef".
I graduated from high school in 1964, because home to choose burden, employment.Hotel JinDaBo and admitted to me, is very happy, neighborhoods JinDaBo said to me: "boy, the good work, you into a hotel, the reception guests, do is state banquet, next go far!"Now forty years past, JinDaBo had died off, I also became the old man, big ambition 60 za dare not say, north-south food, Chinese and western snacks in greeting, I work in American diplomatic institutions for several years, du lịch bắc kinh a diplomat HuaQiaoJie famous personage, junketing eat named Beijing cuisine, Beijing, I eat merchant prevented system, draws blast site in cheers, pictured, I've been talking JinDaBo.
Of course, especially merchant due to some basic specialized dragon beard noodles, it.Average beijingers home to eat noodles, hands out past are mainly noodles.And good dough, "wake up" on an hour above, vegetables market and dry flour, a long piece of dough, will be a rolling-pin flat, and the pressure GanMian, again into a big long piece, roll and flour.A rolling-pin tubular, then roll out then pile fold, knife cut, the noodles come out to also very delicious.This noodles every housewife, some masters will do.
I lived in a clump, eat noodles is eternal staple food, eat noodles convenient, economical and LuLiao variety, smooth, flavors, I wondered, this is one of the reasons why longevity noodles.
Mother is a publicity to eat, is very exquisite.He said my house to eat noodles right, different seasons, "spring of buckwheat flour, summer MaJiang face, autumn, winter small stew surface preserved face", mutton jajangmyun, eggplant surface, egg noodles, peacetime eat more often.Mother's hand out not only good, small face is also delicious, the merchant.And adding a few buck when the dough apricot, cut into wide after the hands worked into Chinese chives, the flat leafy, into boiling water pot, different from the general noodles boil out more smooth JinDao taste.Three years difficult period, more than grains of wheat flour less, eat white noodle has become a luxury BangZiMian add flour with, mother of two noodles, mix on diesel butyl fry sauce, plus Chao cooked white CaiMa, also very suggestion.
Mentions noodles, there is an interesting thing has to say, JinDaBo had a son, and I told him, "cultural revolution" JinErGe of retired.Maybe daddy is a restaurant chefs reasons, after JinErGe job-transfer responsible was assigned to the embassy diplomatic personnel service service guarantee.JinErGe in troops do Luftwaffe ground, to cook, after little demobilized at the grand hotel internship for du lịch bắc kinh three months, he was assigned to an African embassy as a cook.Into the embassy, hard to avoid has banquets, JinErGe task, though, can stomach studious aspirant, and with a few with inventory goods didn't.The African country of China is very friendly, ambassador to JinErGe nor too exacting.Once a priests ministry fete we consult with JinErGe, ambassador added a new JinErGe is a long time, meditation, tell the ambassador no problem.The next night cool dish dish eat is about the same, the attendant and served four dish glittering and translucent cool cucumber silk, Tracy, celery, including the bean sprout, and then a pot of savory radish roasted egg three fresh soup, a disc of oil bright beef end sauce is also on the table, ambassador haven't make understand, JinErGe carry out of the pot of new merchant appeared, the results that bolton noodles, ambassador and guests eat very satisfied.Later, eat noodles became embassy reserved programs, JinErGe dinner whenever orphanage kan this matter, we all laughed him: "shackled in foreign ambassador merchant let you from the limelight, before the merchant, somebody else isn YaHuaZi can chuai the!"

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