The Old Beijing Changdian

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Beijing peace the liu lichang, early in the yuan dynasty had colored glaze products is fire colorful kiln area.Liao, here is the nanjing in suburban countryside yan JinDaiZhong capital, haiwang village after the establishment of the temple, although compare cream-color haiwang waste because of local falls, but there is a famous temple, thus workblanks appear quite important.Ming yongle palace, Beijing and mass built in this area, fire set officer coloured glaze kiln glaze colors and tile, ridge beast and other products, liu lichang as the site and gradually spread.

MarkBeijing is built WaiCheng between jiajing, here also from originally of suburban into a city, less than the past already having a desolation, and some streets, liu lichang became a place name.
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According to some of the document in late Ming and early qing dynasties, when liu lichang would probably have and modern, near the same, are some grocery market flow vendors high-rises, liulichang cultural street and ChangDian market is in such developed on the basis of.Late to the qing dynasty, because of coloured glaze kiln "secret! In the green, smoke, extremely flintlock about diffuse default system", and "serve means" moved to jingxi three stores nearby (now mentougou district coloured glaze canal), liu lichang as a culture street, a development of more leeway and conditions.Selling, kite, is many ChangDian one of the activities with folk feature.Kite and that ZhiYuan, YaoZi.In the back of the kite with silk strings and the wind of string ring, send sound like guzheng sound, those says kite.Kite's hometown of China, since Ming and qing, Beijing is one of the traditional kite in producing exquisitely made and celebrated.In qing dynasty in karzai, paste, paint, put four art aspects of pure degree that far.Cao xueqin wrote the south harrier north of the zuyongdiao kite exam work, recording many kites varieties, and have the drawings, the spring brightness of the zuyongdiao also recorded the creation-oriented many see zheng breed name, such as BiYi yan, thin yan, double yan, centipede, fine product, bắc kinh etc."The most odd person, carving, a root with 6-under Titus line, flying in the air, and the remote, lifelike peek".In LiJingShan pathogenesis between qing in the door of JiLve avnet all praised the city once spring-and-autumn kite when loading view scene: "don't know XianSuo lane dongfeng, only backlash.

Try walking the sky light ray made HeQiao at royal, ZhiYuan countless in the sunset."Another characteristic is ChangDian 1309 flavor snacks, bắc kinh various forms of food storage is mind-boggling.One of the most characteristics of is big string sugar-coated berry, it is made by dozens of ShanZha fruit from the thorns, fruit YiTang dip, including the full with sesame.

Still clipAlso useful BaiMi dip, but few wrapped.Big sugar-coated berry has six feet, four feet, three feet, etc, the highest long size DaTai hui, apex insert paper color small children's favorite flag, is Spring Festival foodstuff.Old poet xu also in urban scenery, titled "big sugar-coated berry, such as clear the peach blossom fan author direction have" the rest is much, gourd blow a string HuaJiao dip ice-sugar "mt.huandshan Ming, icicles smoke one stick" verse.

"features" the ChangDian also have cloud: "snow fine full road is muddy ponds.Car bank called son go not favour.Three feet shake the wind to fold, hoist a string of dip in ice-sugar."Beijing's children's songs also has" the first month, sugar-coated berry, good ChangDian around the big string "sentences.
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