Technical Process Made Contributions To Agricultural Mechanization

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Implementation of the good agricultural machinery safety supervision and benefit policy, learning propaganda is the premise. Should be deeply and widely all over study publicity activities,China dryer form strong momentum of propaganda. Agricultural machinery safety supervision organization staff learn dig deep, deep understanding of spiritual essence,Artificial sand maker used to guide practice, the study of achievements into work earnestly perform their duty, improve the effectiveness of action. Through the implement various benefit farming policy and fully implement the government at all levels of agricultural machinery safety supervision and management responsibility, fully mobilize peasants with the enthusiasm of safety machine, work hard to construct the whole social care about and support the development of agricultural mechanization security good environment.

The national agricultural machinery test appraisal adsense will recently held in Beijing. Vice agriculture minister zhang yinke to attend and speak,Ball mill department of agriculture farm machinery test appraisal station adsense LiuMin makes a subject report. Zhang yinke told the meeting that the farm machinery test appraisal system for many years closely around agriculture and agricultural mechanization development needs, Tour Quế Lâm and actively develop test evaluation and quality supervision, etc,Stone jaw crusher to speed up the agricultural mechanization new technology, new equipment, and ensuring the popularization and application of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy effective implementation,Rotary kiln maintenance farmers' lawful rights, promote enterprise technology progress and improve product quality, played an important role, and to promote the healthy development of agricultural mechanization made a contribution.

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Zhang yinke requirements, a new national farm machinery test appraisal system to strengthen the innovation of science and technology work,Rock crusher seize the country to put into of agricultural science and technology of the opportune time, actively develop farm machinery test appraisal technology innovation. To improve identification ability and level of supervision, to seize the opportunities of the fast development of agricultural mechanization, active coordination, push to get the project,Impact breaker and constantly improve the appraisal detection means, improve the service level.

A few days ago, heilongjiang province government held a news conference, the province grain production realize the leaping development, eight years won big harvest. Approved by the state statistics bureau, 2011 total grain output of the whole province in 1114. 100 million jins, a year-on-year increase of 111. 500 million jins, growth 11. 1%, has become the first major grain-producing province. In an interview with reporters in heilongjiang province was delighted to see that in the province become the first major Tour Quế Lâm từ Hà Nội grain-producing province factors of the rapid development of agricultural machinery professional cooperatives became one of the biggest highlights.

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