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With over eighteen thousand kynghidongduong.vn islands Indonesia is easily the largest archipelago in the world and despite its massive population only about six thousand islands are inhabited by humans.
The islands are strewn across the border between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean and comprise a total land area of almost two million square kilometres. The country is a highly popular tourist destination in Asia and is renowned for its shopping opportunities and vibrant nightlife.

While the country's biggest draw has to be its beaches Indonesia does have plenty of other attractions that are sure to interest tourists. One such attraction is the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah which boasts the slogan 'Pesona Indonesia' which means Indonesia Charm.

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Spanning about two hundred and fifty acres of land the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a park based on Indonesian culture situated in East Jakarta.

The park's name means 'Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park'. Opened in 1975 the park introduces visitors to the various aspects of life in each of Indonesia's twenty six provinces. Each province is represented by a separate pavilion which contains examples of clothing, architecture.
One can also view traditional customs and dances at the pavilions. The park was the brainchild of Ibu Tien Soeharto, a former First Lady of Indonesia.

Other highlights of the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah include a large lake with an archipelago in the middle, a museum, an IMAX theatre, cable cars and a theatre called Theatre of My Homeland.

This is a terrific place to go to learn more about Indonesian traditions and culture. It is a 'must do' especially for tourists strapped for time and bali unable to visit all the major tourist spots in the country.

As a top holiday destination Indonesia has pretty good infrastructure.
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