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The Poodle is commonly recognized to be the most wisely intelligent of all members of the canine race. There's a general belief that he's a fop, whose time is largely occupied in personal embellishment, which he needs a great deal of individual attention in the matter of his toilet. It can be true that to keep him in exhibition arrangement and perfect hygiene his proprietor has need to dedicate more consideration to him than is required in the event of many breeds; but in other respects he provides very little trouble, and those who are connected to him are consistent in their view that there is no Dog Clothes so intensely interesting and responsive as a companion. His qualities of his intense powers of reasoning are so great that there's something almost human in their own beauty and his dedication. His ability in learning isn't denied, and many are the stories told of his marvellous ability and versatility.
He's something more than a mountebank of the booths, trained to walk the tight rope and then put on his mind. He is a proficient at performing tricks, however it's his alertness of mind that puts him apart from other animals.
The profuse and long coating of the dog has the peculiarity that if not kept continuously brushed out it spins into small cords which increase in length as the new hair develops and clings about it. The unshed old hair and the new expansion entwined together thus become different rope-like cords. Eventually, if these strings aren't cut short, or inadvertently torn off, then they drag along the floor, and so prevent the bad animal from moving with any degree of comfort or freedom.
Corded Poodles are very showy, and by the remarkable appearance of the jacket, draw a great deal of public attention when exhibited at shows; but they have lost popularity among many fanciers, and have been few in number due to the obvious actuality it is impossible to make pets of them keep them at the home. The reason for this is that the coat must, from time to time, be oiled to be able to keep the strings supple and keep them from snapping, and, of course, as their coats cannot be brushed, the one method of maintaining the dog clean is to clean him, which using a corded Poodle is a very long and laborious process. What's more, the jacket takes hours to wash, and unless the freshly washed dog be stored in a warm area he is quite liable to catch cold.