Small And Medium Corn Processing Enterprises Are Hard To Take A Step

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Reporters found in grain production and circulation of the industry chain, most complaints are not from farmers, but the corn processing enterprises, especially private small and medium corn processing enterprises.

"National food purchase price is high, and the private sector can not afford to lose". Qiqihar City, a processing company official Xie told reporters that their plan amount of corn processing has not done for a long time, and only occasionally some rice is processed, the amount is not great. " They can hold 30,000 tons of grain warehouse".

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They are now starving in grain storage warehouse, the peasants no surplus. Plus the price of the status quo is now upside down, grain storage and processing enterprises are afraid. "Grain storage to interest, to shipping, to storage fees to subsidize national grain storage, but lost all his private." Xie said, private enterprises are outside the protection of national policy, but it may not be do not accept the policy effects brought about by market conditions. "In soybeans, for example, national protection purchase price set too high, the acquisition of the SMALL AND MEDIUM CORN PROCESSING ENTERPRISES can not process, the workers had to have disbanded , I have a friend who has four or five oil and grease plant, did not now how to start." Zhang said recently there is always circle of friends called to ask whether or not to plant their plants ready to sell.

Not only processing enterprises have ceased production or semi-production, and even the traders are in a wait state. Find a good sale in the south side, and then transferred from Heilongjiang Province, grain traders sold out Old Song told reporters that he also closed down almost six months. "South of the aquaculture industry due to the impact of the financial crisis, many of which are in production or close down, the overall market demand is declining , so the grain trade is also difficult than in the past. Coupled northeast corn, soybean prices are hovering, if coupled with the rail freight and other costs , it is difficult to make money." Laosong said Debu do trade Fortunately, the line was stretched long, there is no limit warehouses, factories and other investment recovery, so the small boat U-turn, the market is not good when you can stop down the sidelines.

"Traders can stop, but can not afford to stop processing enterprises, while playing the brand needs continuity, intermittent customers are lost on the other hand the workers could not afford ah." Zhang said, small and medium enterprises currently processing is in a "internal and external" state. Not only paid the internal market, tour du lịch quế lâm but also the face of foreign brands layers squeeze. It is understood that, in competition with foreign brands, many domestic brands itself at a disadvantage. On the one hand, there are differences in funding, all foreign brands to enter the domestic market, most of them are group of companies, financial strength, brand, advertising investment can be said is an absolute winner. While domestic brands, especially lack of private brand of its own funds, bank loans are reluctant to insufficient collateral for these SMEs. Thus, the strength disparity is obvious.

On the other hand, foreign brand management experience, speed dominate the market soon. In contrast, many domestic brands lack of unified management, marketing experience systematic market nationwide layout.

"Purchasing and storage has been reducing a lot, so many small and medium processing enterprises have been discontinued, if sustained, processing companies have poured at least half." Xie told reporters. The state will improve food acquisition price protection, struggling to the final result until they can only be withdrawn from the market.

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