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Atlas Coffee Club delivers micro-batch beans from all over the world.

Atlas Coffee Club

Stumped for a [/mothers-day-tech-gift-guide/ Mother's Day] gift idea? If Mom likes coffee, I suspect she'd love this: Atlas Coffee is a subscription service that delivers beans from countries all over the world. Just this morning I enjoyed a cup from Burundi; next up is Indonesia.
Sound good? For a limited time, Cheapskate readers can [ save $10 on the first month of an Atlas Coffee gift subscription] -- meaning the first bag is just $8.95 (including shipping). Use code MothersDay10 (which should automatically be applied at checkout). Subsequent months cost $14 per bag, plus $4.95 for shipping. And the gift can run as long as you want it to. (I say do at least three months. It's Mom!)
[ See it at Atlas Coffee]
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True to its name, Atlas Coffee Club brings you single-origin beans from all over the globe: Brazil, du lịch thác bản giốc Costa Rica, Myanmar, Vietnam and so on. The company pays "well above market prices" for micro coffee lots, the idea being to "ensure ethically sustainable farming practices." Even so, the price you end up paying per bag is on par with what you'd pay at pretty much any independent coffee shop. (And let's not forget, brewing at home is way cheaper than paying for coffee on the outside.)

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You can choose one or two bags per delivery, and opt for delivery every two or four weeks. You also get to pick Mom's roast preference and select whole-bean or pre-ground coffee.

I particularly like that each delivery includes tasting notes, brewing tips and a postcard from the country of origin. It's like a wine club for thác bản giốc coffee -- and definitely a great gift idea for Mom. (See our complete Mother's Day 2020 gift guide
if you want other choices.)

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