Romantic Towns For Tourists In Vietnam

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There are various romantic tourist towns in the world and some of the most beautiful are situated in the heart of Vietnam out of which Sapa, Mekong and Halong are just to name a few.

Let us take a virtual tour sapa to these enchanting places.
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Sapa Tours: Sapa is one of the most beautiful destinations for family vacation. This place is situated at a distance of 38 kms from Lao Cai.

It has got various attractions from tourists all over the world. Festivals, villages, local markets, Rock field and mountain range, this is what Sapa is famous for. Cat Cat village, Ta Phin village are surrounded by magnificent rice fields. It is best to go on a see through to these villages during sunset.
Terraced rice field are a common view at this place as these are grown by the local people from ages in similar fashion and it is possible due to the rich and fertile land of Sapa which is very suitable for the cultivation of rice. Then there are markets which you must pay a visit too, the famous ones are Can Cau market, Muong Hum market, Coc Ly market and Sapa market but these markets open on specific days of a week for example the day to visit the Can Cau market is Saturday, likewise the day to visit Muong Hum market is Sunday.

So you must plan the Sapa tour in such a way that you are able to pay a visit to these localised markets in order to enjoy the colourful life of local tribes. If you love mountaineering than Ham Rong mountain and Fansipan should be there in your must see list. These are two of the attractive eco- tourist spot in the world.

Mekong Tours: Mekong is known for some exceptional waterways around the large Mekong Delta.
This place has a rich diversity in flora, fauna and landscapes. You can enjoy the abundance of beauty on you visit and can get closer to the simplest life lived day in day out by the people of this land. Rice harvests, local boats, floating markets produce colourful breathtaking pictures.

Travel around the Mekong delta gives a unique experience to every tourist. Life here is so vibrant that you will almost be lost in enjoying it. Mekong Tours helps you to enjoy the eternal beauty of this land in an unforgettable way. So you must get in touch with the tour advisor and book the seats on fabulous cruise for your journey.

Halong Bay Tours: Travel to Halong bay is a discovery of a place famously known as World natural heritage.

If Sapa mesmerise you with its colourful markets and mountains, Mekong with its life around delta than Halong is equally enchanting due to its vast islands made of limestones , tour sapa its mysteriously attractive caves and stones islands. Overall this place seems to be a perfect drawing by the God himself.
The natural wonder is magnificent from every corner and each aspect. It is not possible to define the wonder in words, so you must feel it yourself by taking a trip there.
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