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As the saying goes, cold, hot in volts in 999.Old Beijing after the summer solstice, the throttle, coincided slight heat great heat rising temperatures, sometimes as high as 40 degrees Celsius, the temperature of already more than people and animals.LiuXi yue: "summer of han dynasty, cook also, hot like cooking content also."Enter ShuFu June arrest in June for the center, there are many old Beijing folk.Such as bathing, bask in content, wash like, sunning sutra, Netherlands, see GuXiu turbo folk customs.

The arrest of old Beijing in June, the folk called "washing festival".In June, the weather was very hot, plus positive climate in rainy season, FanChao, everything wet and easily rotting damage.So in this day from the palace to folk, from town to peasant one-or-two-family houses have bath and bask in content to custom.Old Beijing although general homes without bath facilities more without modern sauna and the things that wash bath, but since the ancient times people also very speak clean sanitation, habit in each festival or throttle to bath clean body."Land day women bathing send" the custom, it is said that this day shampoo insurable year hair not greasy not dirty.Home keep a kitten doggie, horses, du lịch bắc kinh and mules, etc to cattle also near the river to take a bath.

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In the yuan Ming and qing dynasties, land is legal "wash like day".Ancient emperor at the king's will, sacrifice or he to show their dignity when, want to set out a team of horses and music composed of pennant as military umbrella, each have large celebrations, elephant is indispensable member.During the Ming and qing dynasties, June ChuFu, people have held wash like ceremony.Qing YangJingTing "all recorded" into door miscellaneous streetcar rang: "six LeiBen, day afternoon together like to the Forbidden City with a rush. 221 drum under water, wash YuHe early as muddy."Namely the astronomical room in this like slavery and du lịch bắc kinh elephant teacher waving flags knocks the drum, leads the elephant out of the Forbidden City, to let the moat of foot south like a bath.This day in wash near ZhangCai even as made in the prison officer responsible for prison, wash.The day will also has a lot of tea tents and makeshift GanMiaoHui general cone, as impulsive like tide, sedan, the viewer such as ants.Like room is now the site of the Forbidden City, now left, xinhua courtyard place the elephant to street ", "like room hutong's reputation.

Whenever land coincided, if all of the palace sunny, LuanJia (chariot to YiZhang) rides, displayed within Cheng insolate, huang history of files, memoir, drive makes anthology, bắc kinh archives, books will set the yard ventilation air is basked in.Land, the ancient also has "liang verses" say, Beijing's greatly small temples are held in this day by will ", "air with all the scriptures, in case the scriptures plans.at air basks in damp, eat by moth rat bite.BaiYunGuan scripture-stored tower halving Beijing in more volumes 5,000 houses Taoism scriptures, the annual June 1st to 7th will be held by BaiYunGuan hanging, when friars scruffy will BingZhu, neat and burnt incense scripture-stored tower DaoCang "all" take out ventilation make.In the fruit gate famous temple every June are to make the arrest by jaipur, held "air," monks puja, when to prostrating, chanting to open house day.Then read like people, can wash flush to good fruit temple by watching in air, so temple before also formed bazaars, cone grocery stall temporary numerous, very lively.The shop, GuYi car folk spread, goods shop, word spread, old HuaDian, drugstores and various kinds of stores to air basks in a wide variety of goods.Urban and rural problems plaguing the people will bask in clothes and sheets.Minyan have cloud: "every red and green land, tan."Red green" means colorful variety clothes.The qing dynasty Beijing residents, all in early June 6th day, rummage freshen, hats, shoes, bedding air is basked in.Therefore, in some areas it called "dry the clothes festival" or "sun volt".

June arrest, old Beijing and hiking and reward jose folk.In order to prevent heat, some cultural persons mash students often go to have a shade MingShengDe and the temples of yuhe river river, Taiwan, east and door two brake etc outing.Old-time two brake is on the second word HuiHe sluice, is located the old Beijing chun xia view tourism resorts. PeopleWhen the HuiHe sides waves ripple in rows and the yews, boat and various cruise majia shuttling exchanges.In the second place, and the sluice gate a splash waterfall, the shore and LouTaiTingGe, private gardens and some tea tents, like a jiangnan scenery drinking.Qing dynasty of the Beijing features it describes: "boat two gate agents to eat fish soup, the nexus to gedaliah, the most is also good, WeiQiang YanYu east like jiangnan."Dongbianmen scenery, old Beijing with "east", which is then cruise GuDou one scene.June, people also comes as lotus blooming often to shishahai edge taste lotus lotus product.Shishahai cross-strait willow, water lotus vertical into shadow ZhengYan scenery beautiful, in this cool relaxing eat ice food do not have a lasting appeal.

As with other seasons, there are many special day of land, from June eat custom since the arrest in the streets of old Beijing ZhongYaoPu and some temples of ice, mung bean soup and start alms made with Chinese traditional medicine the board soup.Some siheyuan courtyard complex in the housewives also began the day with soy sauce (large homemade douchi cooked, add big crock insolate brewed. Each of the tables on land, to eat vegetarian, such as Fried leek, Fried eggplant and burger pancakes, etc. Eat vegetarian except the vulgar, the meaning of a light whether there are profound unknown.

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