Netflix s Answer To X-Men Just Became Really Really Good

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Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy is streaming now on Netflix.


Heading into tricky second season territory, [/tags/netflix/ Netflix's] [ The Umbrella Academy] builds from a solid base. Season 1 saw the Hargreeves superhero family tackle the apocalypse with slow-mo shoot-'em-ups, glam-rock stompers and an X-Men ensemble dynamic.
Yet while the defined characters grew on you, and everything looked cinematic and glossy, a tonal struggle held the show back: Claggy dialogue and dour family drama often clashed with the fun. Fight scenes set to wacky novelty songs like Istanbul (Not Constantinople) made stabbed eyes disturbingly cheery for its TV-14 audience.

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Impressively, showrunner Steve Blackman, adapting Gerard Way's comic (Way is also the lead singer of My Chemical Romance), seems to have listened to every ounce of last season's feedback.

Season 2 explodes the best parts of the show's wacky time travel and family dysfunction onto a lighter, richer '60s setting. While its take on historical events and social issues doesn't reach the levels of boldness hit by HBO's [/news/hbos-watchmen-tv-series-2019-plot-cast-reviews/ Watchmen], it's still affecting, thanks to strong new characters who draw even more out of the radiant regular cast.