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A young woman in [/news/china/index.html China] has been detained after posing naked at a children's park and then posting the risqué pictures onto social media to flaunt her 'hot body'.
The 20-year-old model, known by her surname Zhang, hired a male photographer to snap the photos on a ride at the Fengling Children's Park in the city of Nanning on New Year's Eve, according to police.
The photographer, 31, also uploaded the X-rated pictures onto his social media account and was subsequently detained for spreading pornography.
A 20-year-old woman (pictured) has been punished for tour du lịch nam ninh posing naked at a park in China
 Ms Zhang, from the city of Nanning, had the risque photos taken to flaunt her physique
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Ms Zhang claimed that she had the pictures taken because she thought she had a good figure and hoped the images could document her youth, according to Na[ ][ ]released on Friday.
'This type of indecent photo shoot not only goes against the public order and good morals promoted by the General Principles of the Civil Law of the China, but also seriously damages the family friendly atmosphere of Fengling Children's Park,' it criticised.
The park called the police on Saturday after the pictures in question had gone viral.
Officers at the Nanhu Branch of the Nanning Public Security Bureau said that Ms Zhang and Mr Xue shared the lewd pictures on their respective online platform after finishing the photo shoot which took place between 7pm and 8pm on December 31.
In a [ ]yesterday, the police said they had given Ms Zhang a five-day detention for exposing her naked body in public. Mr Xue was also detained for five days for spreading pornography.
Under Chinese law, anyone who exposes his or tour du lịch nam ninh her body in public or behaves indecently can be detained for tour nam ninh five to 10 days; while anyone who spreads pornography for commercial interests can be given a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

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