Marine Corps Aviation History Takes Flight At Flying Leatherneck Museum

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"We fight our country's battles / In the air, on land, and sea...." So says the Marines' Hymn.

Geoffrey Morrison/CNET

When you think of military air power in the United States, your first thought is probably the Air Force. After that, maybe you think of the Navy, no doubt helped by the popularity of the 1986 film [/news/top-gun-maverick-trailer-puts-tom-cruise-back-in-the-cockpit/ Top Gun]. But the Marines? Sure they have helicopters, but they also have a long history of fixed-wing aircraft.
North of San Diego, next to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar (the former home of [ the Navy's Top Gun flight school]), tour hồ ba bể is the [ Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum]. Aircraft flown by Marines from World War II to the modern day are on display. Sure, there are easily recognizable craft like Hueys and F/A-18 Hornets, but what makes this museum truly special is how many rare early Cold War aircraft are here as well. Have you ever seen a Skyray, Panther or tour hồ ba bể Banshee?

At the Leatherneck Aviation Museum, you can, or at least you could -- I visited before the [ coronavirus pandemic]. Here's a look around.