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at the annual all star game Thinking I was about to get my butt chewed on for something, I slinked into the den where my Dad was watching TV and cheap jerseys from China discount basketball jerseys (visit Hattiesyouqmae Mee) furiously smoking Pall Malls (unfiltered). He told me to sit down and watch the TV. Back in those days, the Olympics weren tape delayed, so I got to watch the last 3 minutes of the Miracle on Ice, as it happened, with my old man.. I agree. Its pretty sad because I love boxing but its getting less and less popular and is starting to become a bit of a sport only old men watch (except in niche communities like mexicans or filipinos).

The rise of MMA already made things tough, but boxing made things so much worse by having corrupt as fuck scorers and not punishing boring defensive technical fighters who win on points.