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[/news/china/index.html China] has confirmed its first case of a new [/news/coronavirus/index.html coronavirus] variant that was recently detected in Britain,  [https://www.kynghidongduong.vn/blog/bac-kinh-thanh-pho-hien-dai-va-co-kinh.html du lịch bắc kinh] health officials said.<br>The first patient in China with the new COVID variant is a 23-year-old woman who flew into Shanghai from Britain on December 14, the Chinese Centre for Disease Control said in a research note published on Wednesday. <br>The case 'poses a great potential threat' to China's efforts to prevent and control the spread of the virus, the authority claimed. <br>        China has confirmed its first case of a new [https://openclipart.org/search/?query=coronavirus%20variant coronavirus variant] that was recently detected in Britain, health officials said.<br><br>In this file photo,  [https://www.kynghidongduong.vn/blog/bac-kinh-thanh-pho-hien-dai-va-co-kinh.html du lịch bắc kinh] a health worker checks the temperature of passengers arriving at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport in Shanghai on February 4<br>  RELATED ARTICLES  [# Previous] [# 1] [# Next]    [/news/article-9099383/Second-super-COVID-case-suspected-Colorado.html  CDC warns the new 'super-COVID' strain threatens to 'put...] [/news/article-9101513/Is-great-vaccine-drive-Easter-doomed-Volunteers-army-NOT-recruited.html  Is the great vaccine drive doomed already? Retired medics...] [/news/article-9101387/Return-school-chaos-millions-Confused-parents-rage.html The schools just 700 yards apart divided by 'illogical'...] [/news/article-9101537/Coronavirus-stricken-pregnant-Virgin-Atlantic-stewardess-34-left-homeless-fire-destroys-home.html  Coronavirus-stricken pregnant Virgin Atlantic stewardess,...]    <br><br><br><br>Share this article<br>Share<br>3.4k shares<br><br><br>The new strain, which experts say potentially spreads faster than the original variant, has prompted travel restrictions on the UK by more than 50 countries - including China, where the coronavirus first [http://www.savethestudent.org/?s=emerged%20late emerged late] last year. <br>It has been detected in 10 countries, including the UK and China, around the world so far. <br>According to the Chinese authorities, the patient was hospitalised on arrival as she showed mild symptoms. <br>She tested negative for the virus on December 12, two days before her flight to China, said the [ ]
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