In Beijing Street Lane That Has Hit Taxi Is A Piece Of Cake

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Now, in Beijing street lane that has "hit" taxi is a piece of cake.You think, tens of thousands of a taxi around the clock to drive in the city, more convenient.But back 30 years ago, Beijing has urgent heavy things, to find a taxi, and don't too easy.

In the last century in the late 1970s, my lover, and save for a rainy day labor how when childbirth send into medical treatment at public expenses specified maternity hospital, I'm making distress.Then the street taxi, citizens meet few children, married, there is an important matter not sit rent, the home and no telephone, lace, go out to find a taxi service station go.

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At that time I live in a lively DongSiShiTiao then BeiDaJie, dongdan taxi service station, home tongren hospital, xiehe hospital door also has two, there is a north dongsi avenue east road transport, is the patient or booking all limousine bookings.But female comrade have children after, bắc kinh there is a fault in advance, didn't also way for in advance ah.

I was a big hotel in goldfish alley, ShouQi dispatched teams work for Chinese and foreign guests staying in a hotel, in principle is not for worker service provide transport.I unusual circumstances, restaurant division leaders after dredge, somebody else captain promised, temporary CheBang a busy with.Who knows no taxi "life", true arrive need help that night, ShouQi embassy in the hotel bus to the airport pick up foreign guests, a car with no.Under the old section on duty to get nasty purchasing driver Samson teacher, open my lover sent into the van ChanYuan.That night I have "extra" tasks (go to embassy host Chinese party), afterwards just heard.You said had full avenue ran a taxi, can let person worry!

Statistics say 1976 Beijing taxi only 1151 car, including civil taxi 422 vehicles, passenger but 302 million.Big Beijing, so few taxi, and the street is demise tapes now.

Speaking of less, less capital lease before liberation, my father-in-law was in the car business MinHang a driver.He recalls, sit up taxi before liberation of foreigners in China, and besides, ordinary citizens is large merchant can't afford ultimate sit.Then rental car brand mixed and disorderly, paragraph is different, the streets are very open to recruit eyeball.Rental prices also expensive, urban transport an hour in XianDaYang plan, according to one horn, more than two in five minutes by a dollar plan.At that time, a XianDaYang can buy a bag of sea.

After the founding of new China, public transportation to development, the 1950s ran on the streets of taxi mostly Moscow people to wait one.Into the 1960s after gradually replaced by i where I work, opened the ShangHaiPai taxi driving hotel, then great.

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That month, taxi began to enter the ordinary citizens life, catch marriage do funerals, send patients on hospital, answer the puerpera discharge, transport to the station guests wait for bắc kinh possible hire taxi.I love the sat truck into hospital maternity hospitals that pretty dull, and ShouQi team sent somebody else "Shanghai" car, parked in connect back, welcoming around the hutongs onlookers.Then alley door stop car "Shanghai" car, pretty rare!

Now, with the improvement of living standards and Beijing urban life rhythm speeding up, dozen become "potluck".Rental class also and the original different, "face" fading away from life, to the santana, then the entrant, fukang, modern etc instead.Married, Lincoln, Mercedes do funerals, Cadillac, said rent rent, don't blink skin.Catch up with good, the high street married mightily over luxury team, became a city scenery - Beijing has changed so fast!

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