Huong Pagoda Festival

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In field of Vietnam Tours, there stands Huong Pagoda Festival that makes up the great point in the map of Vietnam festivals.
It is one of the most fantastic Buddhist festivals in the North of Vietnam. In the Vietnamese people's spiritual life, this kind of religious festival actually plays the vital role and withstands the test of time. Especially, the Vietnamese Buddhists all together share the robust interest in the Huong Pagoda Festival on the annual basics.

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Huong Pagoda Festival - what to experience?

Huong Pagoda is situated in My Duc District, about 70km away from the south of Hanoi capital.

Annually, the festival is celebrated in Huong Pagoda that lasts for 3 months from the 1st to the 3rd months in Lunar Calendar. In reality, the festival is officially started on the 6th day of the first lunar month. Remember the time frame so that you can attend the ceremony for peace and healthy spirituality.

Legend says that once upon a time, there was a gorgeous and kind-hearted princess named Dieu Thien. She was the 3rd daughter of King Dieu Trang. When it came to marriage age, however, the princess refused all proposals and was devoted to have a religious life.

Hence, the King got irritated and confined her in the palace's backyard. Due to her strong determination, the King directed her to Bach Tuoc pagoda where she had to do various arduous jobs.

Unfortunately, the King got seriously angry, so he decided to fire Bach Tuoc Pagoda and jailed Dieu Thien into the forbidden spot.
In this case, the princess still kept her passion for Buddhism. Afterwards, she was executed by the King's order. Luckily, Huong Tich Mountain God transformed himself into a tiger and saved her. Then, Dieu Thien had chances to practice Buddhism in Huong Tich Cave.

9 years later, she got enlightened with many remarkable merits and was canonized as Goddess of Mercy. The Vietnamese widely worshipped her throughout every corner of the country and Huong Pagoda Festival came to life from then.

Ceremonial rituals of the festival cover the acts of incense offering and Zen ceremony.
Monks and tour chùa hương 1 ngày Buddhists give flowers, incense, fruits, and candles to the others. The two monks may perform some flexible dances. In case of entertaining activities, favorably experience the boat cruising along Yen Stream in order to sightsee over the breathtaking picture of nature, climb mountain, and discover some holy caves as well.

Believably, climbing up to the summit of Huong Tich Mountain can make you really happy and successful.

Proceed to Huong Pagoda Festival at the beginning and you will be amazed at beauty of Huong Son Mountain fulfilled with many white apricot flowers on the entire area.
Since this kind of festival evolves the national identity, the participants are oriented towards the values of truth, beauty, and goodness when staying there. From the 1st to the 3rd month, schedule your free moments appropriately so that you can stay as pure as possible during the festival time.

For the purposes of Buddhism worship, tour chùa hương 1 ngày pilgrimage and spirituality, Huong Pagoda Festival helps you to stay healthy and uplifting.
Invest your [ ] in many kinds of festivals and holiday throughout the country.
Especially, [ ] is worth experiencing for a lifetime memory associated with historical merits.