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As the capital of China, Beijing is a popular city for tourists in China tour. Not far away from the modern city, there are also many ancient villages in Beijing suburban area. One of the famous villages is the Chuandixia Village. You can take a Beijing day trips there to visit the ancient village with long history and abundant culture. The Chuandixia Village has more than 70 quadrangle courtyards including more than 500 rooms. It is the first village with so complete ancient architectural group.

You will see that the whole village mainly has the Qing Dynasty quadrangle courtyards and some of them are Ming dynasty style. Most of the houses are tile structures. The gate of the yard is all in the southeast side. The whole architectures are brick carvings, stone carvings and wood carvings. They are various and have their own style. You will know more about Chinese ancient art during your Beijing travel in Chuandixia Village.

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The old and ancient village has abundant culture. The villagers there pay more attention to the education. The folk culture is also rich and colorful. During the traditional festivals in China, you can join in the traditional activities there. There are also many historical sites in the village. The anti-Japanese primary school site is the cave in north of the village. The "one line heaven" "west Beijing ancient path site" "ancient dragon temple" and bắc kinh so on are all there. The peaks surrounding the village are special and various. They are really rare natural landscapes you will see in tour of Beijing. During the Anti-Japanese war, the villagers in Chuandixia Village contributed their life to protecting the village. The war sites are still there. On northeast of the Chuandixia Village, there is also the famous "first peak in west Beijing"- Miaofeng Mountain.. The main peak which is 1291 meters in elevation is dangerous and magnificent. The rare pine, fantastic stone, clouds sea, waterfall and red leaf cave attract the tourists in Tours of Beijing. The thousand mu special local product rose re fragrant and blooming in summer.

Do you want to have a visit in the ancient village also the beautiful mountain with natural beauty? Don't hesitate. You will know more about Chinese history and du lịch bắc kinh traditional culture there also visit the wonderful natural beauty there. Take a Beijing private tour to visit the Chuandixia village, you will have a deep impression on your Beijing tour.

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