Getting Your Yoga On In Yangon

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Appearing in India over 6,000 years ago, yoga has long been one of Asia's best kept secrets. It has only been over the course of the last century, that the physical practice was introduced to the rest of the world.

The health benefits of yoga have been proven time and again. Prevention of injury, increased flexibility, weight loss, tour chùa hương 1 ngày and stress relief are just a few examples of how yoga can improve a practitioner's well-being. Not only is the practice great for your muscles and joints, it is also like taking your brain to a spa. Incorporation of breathing techniques and mindful movement "relaxes the mind, centers attention, and sharpens concentration" according to Natalie Nevins, a Doctor of Osteopathy and board-certified family physician.

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Yangon is quickly emerging as one of South-east Asia's modern, cutting edge urban centers. The past decade has seen a stimulating economy and an influx of foreign investment throughout the country. The largest city in Myanmar has now become a regional hotspot for skilled professionals and digital nomads hailing from across the globe.

Having developed in popularity in Western culture, the demand tour chùa hương 1 ngày for yoga increased along with the number of incoming expats to the city. Locals too, have taken a keen interest in the practice. Below is a look at some of Yangon's oasis where you can get your downward dog on.

Yangon Yoga House

It's been over five years since Yangon Yoga House first opened its door. This may not seem like a long time ago but YYH is actually one of the very first studios to pop up in Myanmar's largest city.

With 11 internationally trained instructors, YYH offers a comprehensive range of classes for all skill levels and is a great starting point for beginners but also a solid option for veteran users looking for a refined practice.

Real Fitness Express - Hotel G Yangon

The [ hotel near the Shwedagon Pagoda] in the heart of the city opened its doors in 2017 and has quickly made a name for itself in the Yangon accommodation scene. Along with it was the opening of one of Real Fitness' flagship venues.

Real Fitness Express offers multiple types of yoga classes including Hatha, Power, and Gentle. First time visitors to the city should note that it's worth considering Hotel G when deciding where to stay in Yangon. All guests at Hotel G Yangon have unlimited access to the fully equipped fitness center.

Indian Embassy

Classes at the Indian Embassy are well-known for their affordability. They have their own in-house professional yoga instructor and offer monthly passes for as little as $5 USD. The class sizes are quite large but they are worth checking out for something a little different.

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Jenny Yoga

After spending three years cultivating a yoga studio in Beijing, Jenny moved her practice south to the bustling streets of Yangon. Popular among expats, she holds multiple classes a day catering to all skill levels. Her quaint studio on Anawyatha Road also offers the chance for students to complete their own teacher training as a member of Yoga Alliance with 200 hour, 200 hour, and 500 hour certifications attainable.

Whether you're a wily veteran or looking to try yoga for the first time, don't hesitate to give one of these studios a chance. Both your body and mind will be grateful that you did.

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