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Bagan is the historical city of Myanmar, Buddhist cultural sites, the famous tourist destination. Bagan is the capital of the pagoda in Myanmar. It is said that there are more than 100 seats in the flourishing period. The city of Bagan retains the pagodas, the Buddhist temples and the pagodas built in various historical periods in Myanmar. The architectural art of the temple is the ancient architectural art of Myanmar Miniature, embodies the wisdom and creativity of the working people of Myanmar, Burma became a precious historical and cultural heritage. Today still retains the size of the 2000 stupa and Buddhist monuments are witnessing history, attracting a large number of tourists to Myanmar tourism.

Shwesandaw Paya

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Known as the Tower of Hope, located in the center of the Po Gan Plain, is a great place to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Rashan Taki is the Mayan pyramid-shaped, the base of the Quartet, the tower surrounded by five layers of layers up to the top platform there are two layers of octagonal base, on the bell-shaped white tower, constitute the structure Clear Seven Floors. As a well-deserved sunset tower, the first is the height, after his ice-yut tower in the tower of the steps are closed, it is the highest elevation on the plains of the Bagan plains. Here in November each year held lighting section, to commemorate the return of the Buddha to the earth, during the festival, the girls held a red robe competition, the end of the festival, the red robe presented to the monks.

Shwezigon Paya

Rizhao Palace Tower is the founding of the tower, is the prototype of the modern pagoda in Myanmar, Myanmar's most famous one of the four pagodas, it is not only the largest pagoda in Bagan region, but also the only group of Po Gan tower built with stone Stupa, has a long history, is the first Myanmar-style pagoda. Rizhao Palace tower for the Quartet symmetrical structure, the style of a central bell shaped solid pagoda, modeling to 3-layer square platform as a base, connected to an octagonal platform connected bell tower, it form became later Bagan Plain Many pagoda architectural templates. Tower of the four sides have a copper Pavilion, the pavilion has a beautiful exquisite Buddha.

Ananda Pahto

Ananda Temple is located on the east side of Old Bagan's ancient city wall. The temple comes from the Buddha's voice and disciples. It is the first large temple of Bagan, is also the most elegant and beautiful Buddhist architecture, is the middle of the construction of the Bagan dynasty, the Mongolian style of the building at the same time with the North Indian style, tour chùa hương 1 ngày reflecting the early stage of Bagan early to the evolution of the temple process. The Buddha in the south is the most amazing, when you look far from the Buddha, the Buddha is very kind and Tour Chùa Hương kind, but when you come to the foot of the Buddha and then rise, the law has become very solemn, it is involuntarily kneeling worship.

Bagan to thousands of pagoda momentum shocking. You can watch the sunset in the stupa, sitting in the carriage to [ ] , sitting hot air balloon overlooking thousands of pagodas, or riding a bicycle in the pagoda group wandering. Attracting a large number of tourists [ ] .

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