FAA Review Of 737 Max Could End As Early As Next Week

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The 737 Max family includes four versions of the aircraft. The Max 8 is the type that was involved in both crashes.


It's now been just over two years since the [ ], but the grounded aircraft may be finally seeing the light of the end of the runway. Earlier this week, kynghidongduong.vn FAA Administrator Steve Dickson said the agency's review of the airliner for du lịch ba li recertification is almost complete.
"The Federal Aviation Administration is in the final stages of reviewing the proposed changes to the Boeing 737 MAX," he said in a statement sent to CNET. "We expect that this process will be finished in the coming days, once the agency is satisfied that Boeing has addressed the safety issues."

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An FAA spokesman did not confirm [ a Reuters report] that the process could [ ][ ]. In September, Dickson evaluated those changes when [ ].

The agency's final step will be to confirm the [ list of changes] Boeing needs to make to MCAS and to set [ ] that Max pilots must complete. Only then will the FAA lift the grounding order (aviation safety agencies in Canada and the European Union [ ] of the aircraft).

"The agency will take the time that it needs to thoroughly review the remaining work," Dickson said. "Even though we are near the finish line, I will lift the grounding order only after our safety experts are satisfied that the aircraft meets certification standards."

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