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The culture and the trends are easily observable as the person put the first step into the capital. The modern roads are full of multicolored buildings and the purveyors. The best way to enter the city is through airways, catch the flight to Yangon that drop at the international airport of the city. The city enjoys the monsoon type of climate having the three different seasons: Rainy, winter and summers.

Let talk about the religious matter, one of the religious places of Myanmar:

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The Shwedagon Pagoda

The local believed that the ancient structure of the Shwedagon Pagoda or Paya was standing since the epoch of Buddhism. The surrounding of the contemporary city reveals the presence of true spirit of Buddha. We don't know it is a fact or fake story but the local people believed that the Mon village so-called as Dagon, was located since 6th century A.D. Later on the city was renamed as the Yangon by the King Alaungpaya. It is the preeminent religious site all over the Myanmar, located at the edge of Singuttara Hill.

People believe that the soul of the Buddha is still present here as they say that the five buds of lotus explored on the hill's top are personifies as the five Buddha's presence. The great pagoda was reconstructed many times as only the hidden traces are left unchanged. The half of the religious placed destroyed due to the act of God and the community rebuilt it again. Now the religious area is totally different from the ancient pagoda but most of the visitors come to see the spiritual and scared place. Book the tickets to Yangon in advance to get the better services and space.

Guidelines before getting into the celestial of Shwedagon Pagoda

Time Limits: the accessible time for tour chùa hương 1 ngày visitors to take pleasure of great place, starts from 6.30 am and ends up at 10:00pm as the Pagoda opens very early but visitors are not allowed due to some spiritual reasons.Entrance Charge: They charges around 5$ and tour chùa hương 1 ngày penalized if you break any of their rule as the three people with ID proof always in form to catch the culprit.Guides: Best ways to know the fact of surrounding is guides but with the handful knowledge of bargaining make your trip marvelous.Taxi services: hire the taxi especially during rainy seasons or at the time of night.Food: all the around, there are well-established and hygienic restaurants and the tea shops where you can rest for a while enjoying some of the pizzas and sandwiches.Dressing sense: As you are on the religious journey so it's obvious to expose the legs as no half-pants for men and no short skirts for women were allowed. If you forget to bring such clothes, hire the longyi from the ticket booth. Bare foot: Always put the shoes outside the entrance gate as the authority created the safe place for the shoes.

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There are the lot of places inside the Shwedagon to enjoy such as the grasslands, monuments and the peaceful air that refines the soul. Book the cheap flights to Yangon to enjoy the spiritual journey of Great Buddha.

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