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Established in Beijing, "Sony ExploraScience" Experience Science and Technology Museum to provide full support by Sony, is a fusion of Sony's latest digital technology and science attractions in San Francisco Exploratorium exhibition hall as one of the hands-on science and technology park, dedicated to the general young people to experience a magical science to understand the significance of science to develop interest in science place. Experimental science education as a youth garden, "Sony ExploraScience" Science and Technology Museum introduced a lot of entertaining, lively activities to attract a large number of young people involved, and further strong exploration Sony Dream "science education, healthy" brand image. Moved to Chaoyang Park, Chaoyang Park will bring a lot of young customers.

Tourist Attractions

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Eco Valley
Located in the park in the north, reflecting the large surface of the water, the characteristics of a large green space in the hills between the natural formation of a valley, and planted a variety of aquatic plants and Metasequoia, weeping willow trees and other moisture-resistant, suitable for plant growth to create a micro-climate environment. Source of water features with real rocks stacked one Hiraizumi or water, bắc kinh so that stream recycling, maintaining water quality, to achieve the purpose of water conservation, irrigation system, while the pool is a reservoir.

The Island Waterfront
Lotus Lake is located in the park is the habitat of wild ducks in the water ecological island, from the wooden platform, and decorated with flowers and membrane structure constituted Pavilion. In the green space to show the natural, environmental protection, ecological environment, rich in small and medium sculpture, is the natural rustic charm of the park to show a good landscape.

Art Plaza
Simon in the Park District, is a space open from the center of the oval sunken Arts Plaza Spring and rectangular fog fountain composed of two groups, art sculptures are distributed, people fully appreciate the idyllic Vienna, Austria, with rich artistic atmosphere of the place.

The source of life
The theme of natural life, in the vast woods presents a green, water, sports a combination of momentum larger landscapes, the rolling terrain planted with lush trees, the jungle out of five color beck and easy campaign signs dotted. Water resort: more than 200 boats luxury yachts, speed boats, motor boats and a variety of boats cruising the lake, from the shuttle, look at the past, such as hibiscus bath, overlooking the reflection of such stars.
Blue Harbor (Sheng Lana)

Located in the northwest of the park, bắc kinh is the first shopping, exhibition, entertainment, dining, leisure consumer business experience as one of the flagship (Lifestyle Shopping Center), a vast 15 million square meters of space, lakeside bar street, Li Shi Road, main store, Landmark Food Street, Central Park Plaza, Fairview City, Mid-loop blocks, fashion supermarket, boutique hotels, SPA fitness center to form a rich experience of integration of consumer-oriented and commercial activities of the major fashion city commercial district.

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