Boris Johnson Has Presented His Brexit Gift To Britain In A Christmas Video Message As His Deal Was Last Night Given A Double Boost With A Tentative Welcome From Euro-sceptics And A Call From Sir Keir Starmer For His Labour MPs To Back It

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Boris Johnson has presented his 'Brexit gift' to Britain in a Christmas video message, tour hồ ba bể as his deal was last night given a double boost with a tentative welcome from Euro-sceptics and a call from Sir Keir Starmer for his Labour MPs to back it.
The PM has lined up a crucial moment next Wednesday when he will try to push the legislation underpinning the historic agreement through all its Parliamentary stages.
And the early response from Tory MPs was positive, with one senior figure telling MailOnline they were pleased with the details so far and 'maybe it will be a happier Christmas after all'.
A summary of the deal was published on the Government's website at 4.30pm on Christmas Eve.

Nigel Farage  signalled his early support before the full 500-page text emerged suggesting he would vote for the package 'in principle' if he were an MP.  
In a move that effectively guarantees the PM victory, tour hồ ba bể Sir Keir has risked the wrath of his Remain-backing benches by announcing he will order his MPs to back the £668billion deal.

Some Labour backbenchers have already signalled their intention to vote against it.
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