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To Beijing Accent creative elements of film and theater works everywhere, but the large-scale dance drama is a blank.

Last night, after the reform of enterprises by the turn of the Beijing Opera and Dance Theatre and the cost of eight million yuan for the first time music and dance play a large banner New Year poem "Purple Metropole" in the Capital Theatre. As we all know, the capital of Beijing People's Art Theatre performed as position, perennial staged Capital Taste repertoire, the music and dance staged Capital Taste stage a coincidence, but also deeper meaning.

Royal style unique historical relics, the new tap dance out of the Beijing school and the local media are magic effects are really starting to build a unique cultural landscape, demonstrating broad and inclusive Beijing, and Beijing's fine, gas, God. Blue sky, a white dove flying over the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall last fall side beacon, the play in such a quiet and peaceful opening of multimedia screen, then, the stage dancers dressed in white in heaven, on the stage rapidly rotating, flying ...

... entire performances, multimedia screen and stage performances combine to become a highlight. "Purple Jinghua" into the "Great Wall Snow", "Canal Chaoyang", "Lotus on White Tower", "Forbidden fly" and "Flying Peace" section of the five articles, respectively, show the capital Beijing from the Yuan Dynasty to the present day Historical Change of modern international metropolis.
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The Stage play by the Beijing People's Art's big stage design featuring easy to stand out, the Great Wall, the Grand Canal in Tongzhou, Forbidden City, the White Tower, courtyard, alleys, corridors and other cultural symbols of Beijing are in the form of silhouettes appeared on the stage, focus on showing Beijing's historical and cultural heritage and contemporary atmosphere of harmony.

From the Beijing Dance Academy's famous dance choreographer Zhang Jianmin to lead the creative team a lot of historical data and bắc kinh field according to research, restore order out of a group of rare dance forms as the play's main attraction. Khitan and Northern Nomadic People "flying machete dance" and "fishing and hunting dance," court style "sleeves lights dance," Beijing people "flying cymbal dance," and so refreshing.

Especially in Beijing Mentougou shamanistic ritual area from the folk dance "peace encouraging" the official debut stage performance, this dance has not only changed the people in the past "in Beijing did not folk dance" impression, and the mighty, is available In a popular character.

In addition, the opera, Jingyuntaigu, stringed and other folk art form of Beijing opera and is also integrated into the play, du lịch bắc kinh or even the old teapot, and palm-leaf fan in Beijing everyday objects indispensable props has become a dancer. It is reported that the play will be performed at the Capital Theater to February2.

Starbucks in the Forbidden City, recently caused many controversies. In fact, in the Forbidden City and engaged in commercial activities in more than a Starbucks, Starbucks is why people just reacted so strongly to withdraw? If modern business atmosphere incompatible with the museum's cultural atmosphere, then do the other business units engaged in the conflict does not exist?

What is the atmosphere of commercial culture on the formation of a threat to the Forbidden City, or the Starbucks people of alien status so that Chinese civilization is challenged it? Starbucks in the Forbidden City to open the door people shop on the matter of reaction so intense that, frankly, no doubt because there are many emotional factors in the inside.

Be assumed, if not from the other side of Starbucks, how would you like?

Can not but acknowledge the fact that, and the number of foreign museums, attractions compared to our historical sites contaminated by historical monuments from the reality on the more flavor. Taj Mahal, the Louvre why no such trouble? Because as a valuable cultural heritage, people said no one outside stall rental.

Starbucks stores opened in the Forbidden City, the operation is not known how to, but intangible benefits is simply not able to say with data Qing. In a world full of priceless cultural relics have a place in class architectural heritage, but Starbucks has made a commercially reasonable, but again the choice of Bale.

There is no doubt in this matter settled in the Forbidden City, one takes two to tango, no Palace regulatory approval, how could Starbucks reached a higher level?
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