Beijing Origin And Changes

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According to a text to test history, the Beijing Urban Construction city for 3040 years, the vicissitudes of history, its name was called thistle, is a packet of one of the capital of the Zhou Dynasty. Zhujun Sui legacy for the city to thistle, Tang collectively Youzhou. Liao Ji are all in Capital, renamed Nanjing, also known as Yanjing, Jin, after following the formal relocation of the capital of Liaoning here, both named to the Yuan Dynasty, also created in the outskirts of town are called the most. Converted most of the Ming Dynasty, said before Beijing. Qing capital Beijing to continue until the final collapse of the feudal dynasty.

"Thistle" growth "thistle" is the name, first seen in "Book of Rites" in the "Music" chapter: "Wu Wang Keyan, anti-business, no time off, and closed after the Yellow Emperor in the thistle." Talking about the week Shang King Wu forces wiped out immediately after the start of the descendants of the Yellow Emperor in the packet thistle fact. "Ji" is the packet Zhou vassal state in the north, also on the capital was located. This means that, at least in the Western Zhou Dynasty, when near the city of Beijing today to have one called "thistle" in the city.

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"Yan" and "thistle" Western Zhou Dynasty, King Wu of Zhou Ji country packet when the packet is still another vassal state of the north, which is Yan. "Historical Records. Yan Zhao Gong family," it reads: "King Wu of Zhou the off, called the public in Northern Yan Feng." Talking about here is what we call the North Yan Yan. Thus, in the Western Zhou Dynasty, when near the present city of Beijing and the regions actually have two Western Zhou vassal state, one is thistle country, the other is built on a thistle near the Yan State.

So, when King Wu of Zhou the early packet manor where? Historians have long debated, has been inconclusive. Later in the southwest of Beijing's Fangshan District Liulihe found near an ancient city of the West Zhou Dynasty and mass burial site, and from a large number of funerary objects unearthed after the beginning of the history of the manor on Yan's awful pending cases, finally a success solution. To the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Beijing around the region's political situation has undergone great changes, is located south of the country Yan Ji forces increase gradually merged with the country north of thistle, thistle and will migrate to the capital city, since then there will be a Yandu thistle city view. Later, they called Beijing Yanjing, also from here.

Thistle thistle hill and the city for us, the most interesting thing is the exact location of Thistle City Buildings site, whether it's somewhere in Beijing today? Beijing today is still retained some remains of the ancient city of thistle? Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534 years) of Big geographer Li Tao Yuan, in his famous book "Waterways", the origin of the city of Ji's comments were made more reliable, and also the city with thistle thistle hill on the relationship between described. Li Tao Yuan said: "The past after King Wu of Zhou Ji Feng Yao, this city has Xibei Yu Ji Qiu, due to the name Qiu Yi, it still Qufu Lu, Qi Qiu carry on business." According to this argument, the thistle City The origin of the name of the city, the city began in the northwest corner of Thistle Hill, as the Qufu Lu, Qi Qiu, like the camp, are due to have a significant local geographical features, namely, the ground near the mound and a prominent name in the .

Ang famous Tang Dynasty poet, wrote a "thistle Qiu Lan ancient" poetry, among them: "North Teng Ji Qiu Wang, find the ancient Xuan Yuan Taiwan. Should have been gone long, Wrangler, Wong Egypt." Thus, at least in the Tang generations, thistle hill is still distinctly visible, so it may have ang poem retro thistle hill. Since Li Tao Yuan Qiu said the relative position of thistle is credible, then, according to this important clue, and with reference to relevant literature, we will be happy to find what you want to determine the location of the city thistle. From the geographical position and geographical analysis of the situation, Li Yuan Road, recorded in the thistle hill, about Beijing Guang An Men in this vicinity. White Cloud Temple is now the West wall of the original one Takaoka, is probably the site of the ancient hill thistle. Beijing liberation, in the new excavation near Takaoka around the Tyrant, the Warring States period, had found some pottery, indicating that this is a long history of Takaoka. Between spring and summer of 1957, archaeologists had excavated this mound a planned way and found some ancient buried walls, and some from the Han Dynasty to the Sui and Tang dynasties between the sites and relics. For various reasons, find, and not dug up the local culture and the bottom layer, so the city was not found direct evidence of early, but did not find sufficient evidence to deny this is not the ancient mound of displace thistle. Thistle hill location is finalized, the need for further archaeological discoveries in the future to confirm this.

Tang Sui and Tang dynasties the city during the thistle, thistle city in north China's military status is extremely prominent. Sui and Tang You state Zhuojun are the thistle as the legacy of the city, so the city has been referred to as thistle Zhujun or Youzhou. Emperor and the Emperor after the reunification of the country, have used the city as a base thistle, the crusade to the northeast, which is the powerful Han Dynasty in the Central Plains, they often attack the thistle as the base city of the typical examples. The provisional capital of Liao Liao ---- Nanjing City is the establishment of the Khitan tribe minority regime in the north. Khitan ethnic group is one of ancient China, eastern Inner Mongolia, had lived in the West today, the upper reaches of the Liaohe Xar Moron River basin. Khitan rulers of sixteen states in the annexation Yanyun soon after changed the country for Liao, capital Linhuang House (now the Inner Balinzuoqi), and established the city in the provisional capital of You state (outside the capital was built in the States.) Because it governs the territory in the provisional capital of the south, so called Nanjing, also known as Yanjing. Why Khitan established in the provisional capital city of Nanjing City, You state it? This happens for two reasons: one is to take advantage of this favorable geographical situation, the Central Plains as a base for attacking the south; the other reason is Yanyun Khitan took sixteen states then, it greatly expanded the rule of territory, and the new occupation region's densely populated, rich products, favorable natural conditions, economic and cultural development and production of the original is much higher than the activities of the Khitan tribe northern grassland. Therefore, in order to strengthen the rule of the new occupied areas and to plunder more treasure, You state the city has naturally become the political center of Liaoning in north China.

Jin's ruling center in the capital when ---- Liao and Song Tong Harbour Lok-line along the north-south confrontation when the activities of the Songhua River in northeast called Jurchen a minority, growing strong and prosperous. Less than two years, Jin Liao Tian Zuodi the prisoners, unplug the scourge after another comeback, exploit a victory south to attack Song. Tainan Golden Army arrives under the Yanshan, the Northern Song Shoujun without a fight. So House of gold after the military occupation of the Yanshan drive straight, crossed the Yellow River, almost equal to the Northern Song capital Kaifeng. Then Huizong as frightened, and hurried to his son Zhao Huan Chuan-bit, that Song Qinzong. Jingkang first year (1126) capital city of Kaifeng was Kim Song Jun Gongpo, Hui and Qin Emperor and the imperial clan, bureaucratic order more than three thousand people have become prisoners under the Northern Song dynasty perished. After the Northern Song dynasty, Jin Huaishui sphere of influence once extended to the coast, it will rule on the North China Plain into a relatively stable state, so the rulers of the Jin capital from far put on the Songhua River Huining Prefecture (now White City in Heilongjiang Cheng son), moved to Yenching come. Jin Tiande three years (1151) in March, gold life master Wanyanliang Lianghan Chen, Kong Yan Yan Zhou and others on the basis of the capital expansion of the new capital, gold Zhenyuan first year (1153) Wanyanliang officially moved the capital, Yanjing is changed in both . Since then, the Beijing Center for China's feudal dynasty history, really began. King of all that is in Beijing, the site of the original settlement developed on the last of a big city, but also the transition to the national political center of the key; the same time in the history of urban construction in Beijing has also played a role in connecting link, and therefore deserves special attention.

City ---- Han Yuan Dynasty in the 12th century, the early years of the 13th century, a nomadic people in northern China has become increasingly powerful forces ----- Mongolian, Mongolian in the Tang dynasty known as the " Mogul Shiwei ", the original activity of Heilongjiang Province Argun area today, the eighth century begins westward, nomadic WO difficult to Green River and the mood of even the river between the (now outside the area to the east Bator, Mongolia, Ukraine) . Formally established in 1206 AD, Kublai Mongolian government, the river came to the throne in WO hard sweat Mongolia, Genghis Khan is revered as ministries, led by Genghis Khan's Mongol nobles immediately launched a massive war in the south. AD 1211, Mongol forces attacked a large scale gold, two years later, another three-way south divide our forces surrounded the capital city, also occupied the capital of the South Plains in some places, when the Mongol horsemen scored gold in the capital, when the aristocracy of Mongolia Group have not the slightest intention here to establish the capital. So hurried retreat into, in both the Jin Dynasty palace city burned by fire, King -generation palace ruins. This time, the capital of Yanjing has been renamed, but Bale is a broken city. It took another forty years later, the situation has changed greatly, this time thirty years of Genghis Khan has died, it inherited a grandson Kublai Khan bit. In the same year (1260), holding the eradication of the Southern Song Dynasty Kublai ambition to unify China, from the capital of the Mongolian Plateau and Lin (now Hal and outside the forest area of ??Mongolia) came to swallow the capital, but this time the palace of the city has become a ruin, so Khan decided in the old capital of the northeastern outskirts of gold in a new site selection, construction of a new capital, used "dollars" for the country, and named the new capital mostly, Yuan eleven years (1274 years) completed a large capital city, this is what we often say that the Yuan Dynasty.

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Imperial capital of the Ming Dynasty against Mongol rulers of the Yuan Dynasty peasant uprising, such as violent storms swept across the country, the emperor annexed Rebel Chen Youqiong FRACTAL forces after the occupation of the southern half, and in dollars to positive twenty-seven years (1367) sent Xu Da, general, regular book Shuaishi the Northern Expedition, the first year of Hongwu August 2 (September 12, 1368), Xu Da Yuan Dynasty capture, will be a large capital renamed Peiping. Hongwu years (1370), the emperor Zhu Di, the fourth son of closure for the Yan Wang in Peking, in order to consolidate the North guards, the southern Mongolian defense committed, Hongwu thirty year (1398), the emperor died, Huangtai Sun Zhu Yunwen ascended the throne, Jianwen reign, when Zhu Di Yan Wang has massive, deliberate win the right to rule and to punish the traitor into the name of Beijing to Nanjing into the soldiers, from the hands of his nephew won the position. Zhu Di ascended the throne after the Ming Dynasty in view of the major risk threat is still remnants from beyond the Great Wall Mongolian, first moved the capital to Peking, and the Peking renamed Beijing. Ming Beijing's construction, four years from the Yongle (1406) began to eighteen years of Yongle (1420) was largely completed before and after the continuation of fifteen years.

The capital of the last feudal dynasty Qing Ming rulers completely followed the city of Beijing, there is no change, and even the Forbidden City, it is only done some renovation of buildings and the local, small-scale alterations, Tour Quế Lâm additional work. Generation between the Qing Dynasty in 200 years to meet the ruler of the enjoyed a large scale development of the Scenic Area northwest of Beijing, construction on an unprecedented scale, extraordinary beautiful palace buildings. This is commonly referred to as the northwest of the "Three Hills and Five Gardens", that is quiet, Yuquan Shan Ming Garden, Fragrant Hills Park, Providence, Qing Yi Park Longevity Hill (Summer Palace) and Chang Chun, the Summer Palace. Qing Emperor Ferris landscape here, dealing with affairs of state, as both the Forbidden City and Beijing City in the political center to another. Qing Dynasty many major historical events occurred in this area of ??the garden with the closely related. Some have called the Qing Dynasty Beijing is south and the north of the "Twins" system can be described as unreasonable.

The future of the ancient city of Beijing Beijing has gone through the vicissitudes of 3040 years of history. The development of Beijing and throughout China's long history is closely related to both full of rich historical content, but also a new era full of vitality, the ancient city of Beijing also began to stride to the pace of first-class modern international city. In this new situation, how to give full attention to Beijing Urban Construction Protecting Cultural Heritage, to reflect the style of the ancient capital of traditional culture, which is every one of us love it, care for its people should think about deeply.

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