Beijing Opera School Rehearsal Field

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Beijing Opera School Rehearsal field

Ring from the south west, 500 meters Yangqiao is Beijing opera school rehearsal field. 8,000 square meters of the rehearsal field can be performed opera, drama, dance, acrobatics and integrated show, the audience hall with 700 seats, the stage before There are three sets orchestra pit lift, and can accommodate 100 people at the same time make-up of the two dressing rooms, two dance studio of 90 square meters, 500 square meters of function rooms, for du lịch bắc kinh the prosperity of Peking Opera has created good conditions for business.

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Fangshan fish fossil site at Zhoukoudian

Fish fossil site at Zhoukoudian in China, about 1.5 km south Man Site. About 60 meters higher than the river bed. Is a freshwater fish fossil origin. Zhoukoudian fish fossil origin for the accumulation of a bathtub-shaped pocket, from yellow into a layer of fine sand and reddish brown sand and small gravel composed of thin, prolific fish fossils in the sand in the bottom layer. After the founding in 1933, and after numerous excavations, a total of more than 2,000 fossils found in the fish tail, densely distributed, and some overlap. Retained most of head, body, tail, fins of the original shape, and some retained scales. Crucian carp varieties are short head, I put barbed Loach, Yunnan and Sichuan Loach Loach. The first two species to extinction, the latter two for the extant species, is the study of geographical change Beijing's important kind of geological data.

Miyun Confucian Temple

Miyun County is located in Miyun Temple Drum Tower East Avenue Road North, was built in Yuan Yuan twenty-eight years (1291), is the only one in Miyun County, the house of the Ming and Qing style of ancient buildings. Temple covers an area of ??4,000 square meters, facing south. Temple into the Miyun, it shows there are arch style pre-hospital main gate was divided into three doors in the middle for the Ling Xing Gate, east for the gold glottis, YU Zhen west door. Gates are manual cutting puzzle of "Panchi" Ikegami has a small stone bridge two parallel single-hole (that is one of the eight Miyun County, a "three-step two bridges"). Panchi 3 things each wing, east wing was Minghuan Temple, West Wing for the Xiangxian Temple. After Panchi is Ji door, the door were three killer, the "three", and another thing they saw each one. The main building has, the Great Hall 5, bắc kinh east and west veranda of the seven. Great Hall of the backyard there Minglun Hall, respect by the Court, school department, and Kai Chong Sheng Shrine Temple, the East campus-wide have Wenchang Temple, a campus-wide section of the West Temple of Filial Piety. In addition to Great Dianwai, and the remaining buildings were demolished. 10-meter-high Great Hall, with a total area of ??181.48 square meters.

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