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Beijing in the movie "bath" soon turned into pathetic sigh. Publicity about to disappear but chose a very unique things - bath, it lives in a number of years ago, Beijing is an important place in Beijing in the leisure and cultural performance of one of the important components. At that time, Bath Beijing Tangzi is a great enjoyment, especially in the cold north wind of winter, taking a dip in the pool in the soup for an hour, you can also drink hot tea, smoking cigarettes, enjoying the Chopping pedicure services , McCain to make family affairs world affairs, share nice, a lot of people will never forget. For publicity, it is his childhood with his father in the warm memories of Tangzi Xinjiekou Bath, bắc kinh years later, a bath in a poetic language, appears in the movie "bath" in the. Xu Zhu's father ran a play performed dismally in the bath, his value is not economic, but the kind of sympathy on behalf of children bath - it became a traditional neighborhood community an important place to enjoy good relations. The concept of the boss, there was a "bathhouse culture", not the upper crust of the elegant bath place, but it is a rare pleasure to enjoy the civilian population.

Listening to music learning to sing, aviculture fed crickets, fly a kite, and even a bowl of wine to the head of garlic is also a city flavor of fun ... ... in Beijing followed the Qing dynasty took root in the Eight Banners created step by step children of one of the characteristics of Beijing culture - If a bird cages mentioned, tea is more superficial, du lịch bắc kinh but just for fun, feel comfortable behind the hedonism that is regarded as real. New Beijing, in the "fun", probably to opera, aviculture insect rearing, and the most prominent antiques. Film "Farewell My Concubine" Although the show is a long historical period for the characters, but because the two protagonists are Peking Opera actor, so it can not do without drama everywhere, shouting slogans promoting the unique cultural heritage for so many years, but none of the Department of Movies can be like him, people appreciate the beauty of Peking Opera, and "Life is like a play, movie is like life" realm.

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Today, Beijing, Peking opera has become a show for foreign visitors to see the opera. Beijingers own opera, is the early morning park, cultural center in the colors, or even just a few quiet place, with small groups of elderly people, a pleasure to pull erhu, Diaosang Zi, singing opera. They not only enjoy the fun of their own lives, but also created a vibrant folk opera. Ning Ying in 1993 filming the movie "fun", a group of film the lens at the gallery wall in the park where the elderly spontaneous singing Peking Opera, they have different personalities, different economic conditions, different social status, but have the same identity - fancier. For the common interest, the old people began to gather in a cultural center borrowed from the street to a small house, set up the old opera community, you Changba me play, wonderful, bustling, no name IDS is not only to meet some of my pleasure and vanity.

Chu Mingtang to Beijing to play by not only the opera, as well as birds and insects. The most famous Guoguo Er, was undoubtedly the "Last Emperor" was held in the Supreme Dianshang enthronement when found Pu Yi, the Minister Chen Baochen cage the bird grasshopper small creatures, the emperor is on three years old, only insects apparently ambitious than the solemn ceremony more attractive. Grasshopper only magic is not in the film played the role of general in 1967, bắc kinh an old Pu Yi as tourists return to the Forbidden City, past the magnificent has disappeared without a trace, in the Hall of Supreme Harmony, Pu Yi, a child said, " I am the Emperor of China ", in order to prove that he identified the throne of his childhood in the grasshopper hidden in the cage, and inside the Grasshopper actually still alive!

Beijing this historic city itself provides a rich collection of antique material, coupled with recent social unrest, resulting in an outflow of the palace relics, actually getting to the formation of the country's first large antique market. People who like antiques are real players and leave the player of the points: fake antiques players on the money, enthusiasm and passion are inseparable, expect to reap the value of mining interests them; while the real players do not care about money, what they see is the appreciation and has brought happiness, this is often ruined expense. In Beijing's eyes, the latter is the cultural symbol and essence. In 2001, the TV movie "antique" the film was finished by the Zheng Story, tells the story of two antique shop owner to one week Ding infighting and intrigues of the story, interspersed with a lot of mix during collection of the strange man on the antique wonders. Video Finally, in the face of foreign invasion, to prevent falling into enemy hands heritage, national pride over the personal desires, Lung final boss and the boss of gold stood together to safeguard national wealth. This outcome implies a layer of a deep understanding of: fame is human nature, clearly knows what is the players character!

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