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There are various commercial shops along the street more than 150, of which more than 100 food and beverage service. Restaurant density so great, I'm afraid no longer Beijing can not find the whole article here. As for the origin of the name Double Street, is said to be from the old Beijing's "ghost city." Those early years of selling groceries Beijing-based vegetable and fruit market, opening late at night, dawn bulk, stall holders to take kerosene lamps lit, flickering lights in the distance looks, du lịch bắc kinh hence the name "ghost city." Another common argument is Dongzhimen Avenue restaurant business is booming, due to the large number of taxi drivers supper, du lịch bắc kinh most of the doors down have been three or four o'clock in the morning and even open to the night, so there has to be called " Ghost Street.

Exciting new place for the Beijing November 50: Daigakuji
Ancient records Daigakuji first name when built in the Liao Dynasty "water homes." Follow the trend of this spring, then step four should be together, commonly known as the Southern magnolia hospital. Tea insiders known in the ears of the capital's largest hospital-XXXXXX Tea House Tea in the courtyard. Tea room or separate rooms, seamless; or tortuous scattered, Bureau of fine wonderful structure. Its style is based on the unity sought in the overall ingenuity ingenuity, giving different recollection, the overall pattern of both houses of north-south symmetry. Guests can drink the tea room to the tea series, Dragon series, green tea series, and Taiwan, and other scented tea series, and with the accompaniment of fine cakes and sweetmeats, and Zheng formal tea ceremony tradition. Rocking chair is also provided for people to drink tea in the cool shade in the outdoor greenery.

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Address: Haidian District, Beijing in Ontario Daigakuji
Beijing 50 wonderful new place for the second: Street department store
Wangfujing in Beijing most prosperous commercial street, in fact, a lot of authentic hidden small shops, whether eating or supplies have all been deeply carved imprint of old Beijing. There is an old but not so many tourists know, Street department store is a good place to Taobao.Wangfujing shopping street and different, where you can buy some of the old century and famous Beijing dishes, snacks, household items and more.

Address: No. 255 Wangfujing Street, South department store
Beijing 50 wonderful new place for the thirteen: 798 Art Workshop
Northeast of Beijing, the Fourth Ring, the Airport Expressway and southeast, an area of ??about 2 million square meters of old factory repose in a place called Dashanzi. Same color of old brick walls, square, flat appearance, its a simple cold air in the beauty of its own. When Sanlitun real rough and fine after being cooked off the sea tired after carrying it in a historical sense of space that the discoverer eyes flashing. 2 years ago, a group of today's most active artists in getting it to build a face for today in Beijing, and Ming named - 798 Art District.

Address: No. 2 Jiu Xian Qiao, Dashanzi 300m north around the island to enter the cell to the right

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