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The vicissitudes of 500 years of wind and rain fill of Tiananmen Square is the world's largest city square. It is located in the center of Beijing, the capital of the PRC, the museum's south side, across Tiananmen Square, Chang'an Street and the sea, is the Ming and Qing dynasties the door to the Imperial City. October 1, 1949, the PRC's founding ceremony was held here, which became the symbol of modern China, and is designed into the national emblem. Tiananmen Square, with its connotations of 500 years of history of heavy, highly concentrated in the Chinese ancient civilization and modern civilization, a symbol of new China, and unmatched political attention and fascinating, all the Chinese people want to go. She recorded the fear of bloodshed and sacrifice of the Chinese nation to strive for independence and freedom of courage and strong; wrote a glorious page in the birth of new China, the Chinese people toward prosperity and bắc kinh a magnificent poem.


Tiananmen Square fifteen years before the Ming Yongle (1417), built in 1420. Initially only a three-story wooden structure of five arches style, called "Edward Mun," take "Chengtian Qi Yun", "orders from the days of" meaning. Skyway first year (1457), brand building was destroyed by the Tiananmen Square and Chinese table thunderbolt, eight years after the fully integrated first year (1465) reconstruction for the Miankuo five, three deep into the gatehouse. Chongzhen seventeen years (1644), Rereading the army invaded Beijing, Edward door again destroyed. Shunzhi eight years (1651) carried out in the ruins of a large-scale reconstruction, rehabilitation as a tower, the name has changed to the "Tiananmen Square", take "orders from the day, Ampang country" means. 1688 (twenty-seven years reign of Emperor Kangxi), 1952, after two major repairs. Reconstruction in 1970 remained the 1651 renovation of the shape, Tiananmen Square, higher than the original 83 cm-high 34.7 m (original height 33.87 meters). Ming and Qing Dynasties to the Qing Tiananmen Gate (Gate Ming Ming Cheng Kung University, Republic of China, said China Gate) formed between the area of tens of thousands of square meters of gallery-step T-shaped palace square, the East and West two also each have a Gate, East Changan left door, west Chang'an right door, and the country's main governing body of six homes that is located here. This is the institutions of the central imperial rule. Ming and Qing emperors were generally important edict issued in Tiananmen Square, known as the "Golden Phoenix Ban Zhao." In addition the emperor wedding, when the generals set off the flag ceremony, when the Festival Road Yu Jia foreign crusades, Board of Punishments arraignment commit in the fall ("autumn assizes"), successful candidates announced "top three" ("Mirage Chuanlu") and other major ceremonies are held here .    After 1949, the Tiananmen Square were a number of renovations, including the 1952 and 1970, two more large-scale renovation. In 1988, the tower began to toll on society open to the public.


Tiananmen Square is located in the traditional central axis of Beijing, the city of Taiwan and the tower of two parts, shapes solemn dignity, the mighty, the ancient city gates in China's most prominent representative. 37.4 m-high tower, built in the huge stone into the Xu Mizuo Article City, Taiwan, Tiananmen Square-style night on the red walls, sight, the five arched coupons door, the magnificent, magnificent. Tower on the 60 cylinder red sky, the ground paved with Brick, one level as a whetstone; tall and strong colors of the wall units, there are two double eaves and floor, bắc kinh with yellow glazed tiles, something nine, five north-south, a symbol of imperial power "Ninth Five of the statue." North and south are Ryoka cell door, and 36 red Linghua doors; ceiling, door arch, Liang Fang carved and painted dragon painted with traditional auspicious patterns; paste the "Double Dragon co-Xi," Choi Jin, the regiment Long pattern caisson ceiling, the whole hall, majestic, magnificent. Octagonal hall lanterns by a 450 kg weight and 16 350 kg of the composition of hexagonal lanterns Zhongxingpengyue patterns. City audience have five vouchers door Que, in the middle of coupons door the largest axis of the Imperial City in Beijing, in the past only the emperor bắc kinh can thus access.

Median openings at the top now a huge portrait of Mao Zedong hanging, both sides are "Long Live the People's Republic" and "Long live the great unity of people of the world," the large poster. Jinshui opened the door, a pillow Biliuhe, flying seven exquisite Qing Dynasty set up the Tiananmen Square white marble bridge, commonly known as the Golden Water Bridge. Slightly arched bridge, such as the rainbow bridge, beautiful curves of form. Dynasty Empire in the middle of the most prominent one carved with the stigma of the bridge Beaulieu, can only one person by the emperor, called "Royal Road and Bridge"; about the stigma of two carved lotus deck, only allowed by the Prince, called "princes Bridge "; again on both sides, we can only over civil and military ministers through the third grade, called" grade Bridge "; the most common relief stone aside, is the following officials and soldiers, four items had to go, called" Public Health Bridge. " Bridge east and west sides, each with white marble ornamental columns erected, the cloud around the dragon, full of momentum. After the founding of new China, the Government of the Tiananmen several repairs, exercises had a new look. Both sides of a large reviewing stand built for use in large-scale celebration of the ceremony guests; Goldwater Henan and Piyou green belt, evergreen trees and flowers.

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