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Beijing is the city of various ethnic minorities, including, islamic ethnic muslims have 20 million people.Beijing's long history culture and modern metropolis of glamour, attracting more and more people from all walks of life to the islamic state visit, visits, du lịch bắc kinh Tours, international communication increasingly frequent.Especially in Beijing to host the Olympic Games in 2008, there will be more than 40 from islamic countries to athletes to participate in more than 100 countries and regions, the muslims also future Beijing sightseeing, tourism.This undoubtedly give Beijing of Muslim catering offers unprecedented opportunities for development and higher requirements.

Beijing's Muslim food has a long history, unique flavor, Beijing is an important part of the diet culture.Beijing is the origin of the Muslim food, with the introduction of Islam and synchronous, Beijing for thousands of years.In yuan dynasty court recipes of the meal was about to drink in the Muslim food, existing accounts.The yuan dynasty widely circulated a life encyclopedia of the home will personally. "complete works of, special column has" run food "chapter, collected many hui dietary breed.In the yuan zaju "a leopard monk", since resume secular life that enables the carcasses of "xiao liu fatty mutton, always sell a deputy head, feet, bill the Moslem pancake very big... horse, du lịch bắc kinh yellow barbarian food lousy MSG odd..."Explain the yuan dynasty period, Beijing, Muslim food has quite common.
Ming yongle, "YanWang sweep north", its capital Beijing, large quantities of hui from southern China in Beijing, sinomart migrate north to south, the Muslim food production techniques to Beijing, promote the development of the Beijing Muslim food.From yuan, Ming dynasties to qing, after hundreds of years' development, Beijing's Muslim food variety is extremely rich, the various unique flavor and aroma beautiful dishes and snacks, pass into the palace, became a royal meal.Later, and some efferent palace, popular in city, become Muslim manufacturer.Now the Muslim hotel for Beijing still specialties "it like honey" and "osmanthus mutton," "sesame tenderloin", "salt scattered Dan etc, blasting the meal was once qing imperial dishes.
In palace royal meals, Muslim all-sheep banquet is the man hanquan banquet after one of the large banquet palace.The qianlong garden in the yuan mei, a poet in "food with single writes:" law is a complete, each can eat 72 of just who but 89. This is to solve difficult to learn skills, bắc kinh home hutch, a dish of a bowl, although all mutton, and taste different enough."All-sheep banquet is different with the sheep parts, or roast or rinse, or cooking, cooking or a Fried that gives all sorts of different flavors, different commodity dishes.All the dishes are not uncover a "sheep" word, and with vivid, alias generation, can a special skill.In 1968, premier zhou enlai gave a banquet in honor of the visiting Pakistan VIP, once please "and YiShun" famous Muslim culinary masters YangYongHe, produced all-sheep banquet and various Muslim cuisine, has received the distinguished guests's consistent high praise.Today, "HongBinLou" Muslim hotel all-sheep banquet, is still brand food.
Minguo period, along with the development of national industry and commerce, Beijing of Muslim catering formed a mature market.At the front door opened restaurant around the Muslim have: yuan xing hall, two TongHe porch, PE porch, PE porch, with western hall, west SAN hall, a feast floor, gathers fang park, chang yue floor, cohabitation hall (pie weeks), grace yuan (fry bumps) in the dozens.Another zhongshan park auspicious Jane thick, dongan market donglaishun and xidan and YiShun etc.In 1930, in the prosperous, xidan crossing FanZhuang "west to shun halal" open for business, immediate sensation capitals.One reason is that the west to FanZhuang manager as the city of Muslim name crown is ZhuXiang chef.Even ZhuXiang formerly known as the well-known cheung GeXinGu halal dishes.He was late qing dynasty was cooking superb palace royal board room to conservatives.Republic, and to "two FanZhuang PE porch" guiding cooking skills, bring out a lot of GaoTu.ZhuXiang informed, open-minded, the innovation in Muslim cuisine, he absorbed western and Chinese dishes, some skill south create a "Fried entered", "born grilled lamb", "Fried gansu chicken", "oil BaoDu benevolence" and so on the new Muslim cuisine, and more than hundreds of seafood dishes, pioneered in halal enjoys high reputation in professions and patrons.Peking Opera master ma lianliang is hui, often to the west to shun diners and meals, and with ZhuXiang have forged profound friendship.This spurred many culture, the distinguished reverting to the west, came to visit.Beijing peace after liberation, the national political consultative conference, xinjiang meeting and the peaceful liberation of many important meetings, all have been here wedding reception.In ZhuXiang and many other Muslim cooking masters under the innovation efforts in the Muslim food, Beijing Beijing food culture has unique, famous fame.
According to the Beijing has already published halal menu of Beijing, contained in the "halal dishes has amounted to more than 500 varieties.Many old, such as months best-known spiced beef and mutton, and the sugar fire jaipur dashun, pie weeks of pie, but zhang's but the horses, sheep sheep head, von BaoDu gudou BaoDu, rice cakes of king's QieGao etc, are the hunters over hundreds of years, enjoys reputation home and abroad.
Recently, Beijing hosted the "second Muslim cooking skills contest" service, and more than 50 home Muslim food enterprise's nearly 300 competitors for the Olympic Games of Muslim cooking for preparation.Borrow the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing of Muslim catering east there will be a developed quickly.

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