Ban Gioc - One Of The Most Impressive Waterfalls In Vietnam

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It will be incomplete if you discover the northeast of Vietnam without a visit to Ban Gioc waterfall.
With spectacular scenery, the fall has been said as one of Vietnam's most impressive natural sights and ranks on top of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.
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The fall is about 53meters high and 300 meters wide, consists of 3 stages with many smaller falls in different sizes.

From above, the large volume of water poured down through the limestone steps, forming a curtain of white spray. Standing from long distance, yet to see the waterfall, visitors can hear the waterfall flowing sounds in a large area. Water hitting rocks behind creates rains of vapor halfway coastal mountainous, forming the bright yellow of the rainbow just above the falls.
On sweltering summer days, the air here is still cool and every morning, the sun was shining through the vapor, forming bands shimmering rainbow. BanGioc has always been the favorite destination of photographers as well as tourists in Vietnam. Here are some impressive images of the waterfall.

Ban Gioc locates in Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province and also right on the border of China and Vietnam. In fact, the waterfall is the last part of Quay Son River which locates in Chinese territory. From the falls, you could see the 53th border marker column. Besides the waterfalls, visitors may also visit NgườmNgao cave which is about 3km far away.
Visitors could explore the limestone blocks and various-shaped stalactites in the cave. There is also a small stream gurgling, which make the scene becomes more fanciful and beautiful.

In the area of the waterfalls, du lịch thác bản giốc there are a lot of agar wood tree.

The root and leaves of the tree are the food of one kind of fish, which has become the local specialty pertaining to Ban Gioc. This is fish which was named after agar wood. Compared with other fish, agar fish at Ban Gioc is considered one of the tastiest fish and most unique taste.
It is unsurprising that fisherman need to use agar wood's leaves as bait to catch the fish. The fish could be cooked in different ways but the most delicious one to mention is grilled agar fish. This way of cooking is quite simple, you just need to clean and eviscerate the fish then marinate fish with spices and thác bản giốc finally grill it on charcoal.

Delicious and rustic grilled fish conquers everyone even the best gourmet.

The waterfall is about 370km far away from Hanoi. Travelling by motorbike will bring you the best experience about Ban Gioc as well as the countryside. You can enjoy the peaceful and spectacular scene in the region during your journey.
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