Ambassadors From Across Europe Today Pored Over The Details Of The UK-EU Trade Agreement After Boris Johnson Last Night Hailed The Historic Deal As A Brexit Gift To Britain In A Christmas Video Message

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Ambassadors from across Europe today pored over the details of the UK-EU trade agreement, after Boris Johnson last night hailed the historic deal as a 'Brexit gift' to Britain in a Christmas video message.
As millions across Europe began celebrating Christmas Day, diplomats from each of the 27 EU member state were given a briefing by the trade bloc's chief negotiator Michel Barnier - who was seen carrying a weighty 2,000 page binder into the meeting. 
Mr Johnson, tour hồ ba bể who was last night pictured reading the deal papers with a can of ale within arm's reach, also described the agreement as a 'new beginning' for Britain.
And the Prime Minister was given a double boost on Christmas Eve with a tentative welcome from Euro-sceptics and a call from Sir Keir Starmer for his Labour MPs to back the deal as a 'thin' alternative to a No Deal Brexit.
Mr Johnson has now lined up a crucial moment next Wednesday when he will try to push the legislation underpinning the historic agreement through all its Parliamentary stages. MPs have cut their Christmas holidays short by more than a week to gather for the crunch vote.
The 27 European Union members still have to back the deal, which was thrashed out by officials from the European Commission with the UK.

But they are expected to formally back the post-Brexit trade deal within days.
The deal will not be voted on by MEPs in Brussels until next year, meaning it will have to apply provisionally until they give it the green light.
In the UK, the early response from Tory MPs was positive, with one senior figure telling MailOnline they were pleased with the details so far and 'maybe it will be a happier Christmas after all'.
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