A High-profile CEO Has Called On Australian Businesses To Boycott Chinese Products In The Wake Of Growing Hostilities

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A high-profile CEO has called on Australian businesses to boycott Chinese products in the wake of growing hostilities.
Kennards' Self Storage boss Sam Kennard said Australians needs to fight back against the Chinese Communist Party, with the authoritarian regime continuing to turn the screws on more than $20billion of key exports as payback for the federal government speaking out on Beijing's human rights violations and their handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Last week Beijing slapped a crippling 200 per cent tariff on Australian wine and on Monday a top Chinese diplomat tweeted an image depicting an Australian holding a knife to the throat of an Afghan child.
'Every Australian business should now be reviewing supply contracts,' the business leader posted to [/sciencetech/twitter/index.html Twitter]. 
'Change and kynghidongduong.vn prefer non-Chinese made products where possible. We have made this decision.'
'Every Australian business should now be reviewing supply contracts,' Sam Kennard (pictured with partner) posted to Twitter
Kennards' Self Storage is the largest storage company in Australia with 81 locations including New Zealand
The Kennards Hire business was first launched in 1947 by Sam's father Walter.
In 1973, Kennards Hire launched Australia's first nationwide self storage company which is now independently owned.
It has the country's largest storage business with a total of 81 locations and rakes in about $110million a year.
Mr Kennard wants local companies need to show a united front against Beijing's bullying tactics.
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'The Chinese Communist Government has proven to be difficult to trust.

They've placed tariffs on lobster, tour lệ giang wine and barley out of revenge or spite and the risk is, you just don't know who is next,' Mr Kennard told NCA NewsWire.
He admits it may be difficult for many beholden Australian companies to entirely cut Chinese products out of their supply line as 'some feel quite helpless'.
But he is urging both businesses and consumers to find an alternative to Chinese imports if they can. 
'Every Australian business should now be reviewing supply contracts.

We have made this decision,' the businesses leader said (pictured wife partner)
Mr Kennard is urging both businesses and consumers to find an alternative to Chinese imports if they can (workers are pictured at a factory in Beijing)
Padlocks are among the products Kennards Storage purchases from Chinese suppliers.
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