A China Tour To Taste The Chinese New Year

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As we all know that Chinese people all attach important to the New Year, so this important and special spring festival is so important. Why not coming to experience this great time for Chinese people, and du lịch bắc kinh I am sure you will have fun.

Just like the Thanksgiving Day in America, in the night of the New Year day Chinese family will get together and have a big dinner. Although most of the North Chinese will still have the classic and traditional Chinese dumplings, most Chinese tends to have various kinds of delicious food as the development of society and economy. Chinese people strive for the reunion in the Spring Festival. Families would get together to spend several precious days, even the persons who reside far away from home. After the great Eve, families and friends will visit each other. Kids can get some money as the lunar New Year gift. Red is the main color during those special happy days, which means a kind of happiness and perfect satisfaction. In the dinner, quenelles mean the hope and celebration the reunion and the fish means a beautiful wish of the coming year. So friends, come to China now or you can plan to come here during the New Year. I am so sure that you will love the feelings here. A traditional China travel will be one of an exciting exploration of the culture and exotic experience. You may have heard that Chinese people are all friendly and enthusiastic. You will love them. What's more, the delicious Chinese food will make you impressive.

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During the New Year, du lịch bắc kinh people everywhere are happy not only for the New Year but also for the leisure time to have a good rest and parties. Majing is most popular game among the Chinese people. After lunch, four or three family members or friends will sit down and play Majing. Most of them will bet some money to add more challenge and fun. So, guys when you come to China, you must learn how to play majing in order to play games with your Chinese host or hostess. Maybe you can also travel to Shanghai to experience the exotic Chinese lifestyle.

Another thing to celebrate is that spring is coming with this festival, which is the reason why Chinese people call it Spring Festival. You will have a cozy time spending in China, especially in spring season. Yunnan is one of the amazing places I suggest you go. The capital city is Kunming, which is also called "the spring city" for it is forever spring season there. The weather there is really right.

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