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Peter Korn
Director of Accessibility, Amazon Lab126

Peter Korn is the Director of Accessibility at Amazon Lab126. He led development of the VoiceView screen reader for Fire TV, Fire tablets, and Kindle devices; magnification and the innovative Text Banner assistive technology for Fire TV; and extra-large fonts to Fire tablets, as well as Switch Access for people with motor impairments. He initiated the first access features for voice interfaces: Alexa Captioning and Tap to Alexa; as well as Show and Tell for Alexa and Real Time Text for Alexa Communications. He facilitated key improvements to React Native accessibility, technology used by hundreds of applications that can all now be far more accessible. He collaborated with Prim Video, helping bring over 1,800 audio described titles and hundreds of thousands closed captioned titles to the Prime Video catalog. And he helped develop the accessibility features of Amazon Hub Locker – the first delivery and return kiosk that is self-voicing, and accessible to people who are blind or low vision, as well as for people who need an accessible locker height (within ADA reach ranges). Taken all together, many millions of people today use the accessibility features built into Amazon devices.