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Debra Ruh
CEO, Ruh Global IMPACT

Debra Ruh is a global market influencer, advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities and founder of a Ruh Global IMPACT. The firm focuses on Global Disability Inclusion, EmployAbility, ICT Accessibility, Tech4All, Tech4Good, AI4Good, and Social Impact Marketing. She has provided global leadership to governments, corporations, NGOs and DPO’s (Disability Persons Organizations) supporting research projects, DPO outreach, policy and standards initiatives with the public and private sector. Proud to work with United Nations agencies and countries to help implement the CRPD. She founded TecAccess in 2001 and merged it with another firm in 2011. TecAccess was an IT consulting firm that employed persons with disabilities and helped businesses create accessible technologies for people with disabilities. Co-Founder of www.AXSChat.com a twitter chat about accessibility and disability inclusion. Debra is active on social media and blogging on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, Tumblr, and YouTube. She is a published Author of three books including "Inclusion Branding" and “Finding Your Voice by Using Social Media” & “Uncovering Hidden Human Capital: How leading corporations leverage multiple abilities in their workforce published by G3ict".